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introduction -sHERMAN OAKS -2011

From:jamesgbloom <>
Subject:Re: night
Date:July 5, 2011 2:30:23 AM PDT
To: know I've been writing alot.and i'm thinking it's time maybe I try to put it into use...more or less a story about some thing real.something  with a frame work that i might be able to sell.lets put it this way i have jackshit to do and i need a im thinking of auditing some scientology classes and see where it goes.I think its alot of hub bub...from the research ive done recently *** has always been interested in this subject as well as **** ....theyve often joked about infiltrating "it"...(im not the only one in secret agent land)...I dont think i have the personality type to infiltrate a children's party i just want to see what the hell it is...I might have to take meds thought to sit still..or not impulsively tell them I am writng a story..(i know u know what i mean)I have some  benzoes here ..for something like this i might take probably move to hollywood or koreatown which is close to the main center(s)..i need a reason to stay here and a reason to keep writng...i might need a bit of start up money for the initial thing i do trust is this group is all about money.i can afford the preliminaries..i will be doing art of course as i go along.i assume as i get (if i can keep a str8 face)to higher levels they might google me.this might work on my they will see the art does sell at "higher" prices...(i may ask the galleries to see if they can ...toy with some set some at 10,000$  and up.(why shouldnt they be)..also the art might work on be half because it displays endless issues(engrams)..there focus however will be on making me str8.homosexuals are as low as pedophiles on the "tone" scale..seriously.they consider it a social perversion..(so maybe even my mom can help with the audit.;)...i must first stop smoking weed ,drinking etc..(also maybe a shrink .if it gets a bit deep)....

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