Thursday, July 2, 2015

drat the cat (Controlled Access Technology)



imagine someone going to the trouble of placing a teacher who "on script" humiliated you
just so this teacher's voice could be used decades latter to take you back
via bone conductive hearing.
Winkies occipital str8 to visual cortex
yes ...some of our best and brightest scientists ..went to this trouble
to make the
ravings before you possible
but something has gone wrong
I am writing the wrong things..
...about this I and the programming
and sick shit they did to kids...
to make them pre -made to be human drone
.. so swarmed by this bullshit I haven't a clue...what kind of
loony I am meant to represent ...
and somehow I am reneging
on something I AGRRED TO
trust me I agreed to none of this..i was born into this ...born FOR this
give a kid you literally lock in basement ...a piece of chalk..
they learn to draw..
and also think stories to themselves ..
cuz some "uncle" comes into their room when they actually have a room they sleep in...
to diddle them
Yes indeed ...true to form! that little mouse will indeed have a RICH imagination...know why? cuz' if they didn't they'd go wacko..
now ..according to the best socially worker types...who helped create this odd system of human engineering the kid
(yours truly) must be diddled with sexually some "uncle" (literally brought in as mentral casting)
before age 5...
now ...they actually tell you this when you're -listen to this OLD ENUF to appreciate ..that what THEY DID was a sacrifice on THEIR PART..
to make you applicable to being
bossed around by Telemetry
and one must respect how very much work went into all this ...
or else.
or else there are many many more raised just like me..
and you either do and write what we say ...
and stop playing SOS someone save me cuz' -
nobody understands what you are typing but the ones who watch with rage as you
tear things down that have not had a chance to be ...
sorted into a schematic...that "is less" extreme in it's methodology...
every now and than we let you blow off steam
really ...I am told...there comes a time
when -
"WWWWWWWWWWWHEN WHAT! you maniacs...when YOU WILL LEAVE ME ALONE>..stop reading my evoked potentials and fucking with my visual and aural cortex!!!!!
I want you exposed...
I don't give a fuck if nobody reads this but G-d!"
"which proved how immature you this is about creating a living God..a true God...not this fake God that only infants and idiots believe is going to .."
"JUDGE THEM?..i graph,"BEEEcause THAT is what terrifies YOU not me...YYYYYYYYYYYYou can't afford to believe in G-d TTTTrust ME...I can"
'perhaps you must ,"Evan graphs," perhaps we are discovering why your kind eventually turn to G-d when they turn against his Friends...His Sponsors...His Family his makers "
"Bud Corless you are....
BLUE to your very fool nobody but yourself ...don't forget WE know you
all that you do is for
acclaim or "likes" or ...attainment...
written ONLY FOR G-D'!
than why wasn't it?
why had every sentence had to be posted!" Evan graphs
BBBBBBBBBBeeeeeeeecause I am a HUMAN GUINEA PIG !" I graph
"NNNNNNNo want people to know you were made able to see things and hear things THEY could not .WHY Dumbo? to essentially say LOOK WHAT I HAVE and YOU DO NOT!.."
"you are insane" I graph,"and you are wrong"
"yeah Bud Coreless YOU convinced yourself of that real real good...but trust me if G-d is listening he knows this is so as well...we are very,very careful controlling your moods...and probing your intents in ways that go beyond your self delusions that YOU are good...first of all nobody on your team ever cared whether you were good.or not..and
If you ARE good it is for all the wrong reason by the way Dumbo..."evan graphs
Really ,"I graph back,how is this so?"
"In the story of Cain and Able one brother WAS good ...and One brother genetically was not..Cain thought he could fool G-d by pretending he was good...and G-d saw through this bunk..and said to Cain ..CAIN I MADE YOU IN MY IMAGE ...there is a Duality to my what you are..
and quit wasting my time.. and CAIN refused ..."
'WHAT!?...what translation of any bible did that come from"
I graph..
'Translations and texts the world is not ready for" Evan graphs back...and I begin nodding off..
not because eI am tired mind you but because Evan is tired of my being lucid..
but I snap myself out of Evan's spell..
"Not bad Dumbo" Evan graphs
I hate them.
my team
but not in the Method Writing way I am supposed to..
but in a way....that is against everything they worked on..
I know there are many raised like me to do the same damn stuff.\
but I have a sense they as well
and turned in a way that had nothing to do with ..."the cause"
of this sick morality play of the mind..
that was conceived with no moral template except template for reverse brain engineering..
"now genius" Evan graphs
how would YOU or whoever DUMBO re[presents
which BY THEWAY ASSHOLE was supposed to be EVERYMAN
not some DINK talking about being raised Tommy Walker style..being fiddled about to "go mobile"
and by the way punk we figured out how to stimulate a kid's mind to go Tommy by just fast tracking his amygdala via sorry we didn't have this all up to Hand's Off entrainment
for your demographic OLD MAN
but the subject was EVERYMANs
beside much younger and good lord much better looking
How would DUMBO be portrayed cinematically communicating to a Higher, albeit synthetic intelligence?
I Evan Rainty or Tru Christie would have to be what?
"characters people in the audience SEEs "I graph my mood suddenly coming down from rage to merely "tazed"
now how did we tell you to do this?Evan graphs
I start to graph back
but it's a rhetorical question
we place this entire story in the future and have the mandlers be holograms
no more str8 to cortex..
just holograms
that people pay for.LOTS they pay for LOTS and LOTS for what
sir charity case gets for free," evan graphs
and I begin going into rage
but my rage the Hzs of rage are tinkered with
and once again -I am disgruntledly dis en gruntled
in the movie you are writing Dummy
....not even DUMBO goes around round talking nor thinking to some Mandler at the equivalent of some source code
control room
do you know why>
Source Code did awful box office ,
however "Who Framed Roger Rabbit " and "Ted" did not..
'Cool World" did worse box office than 'Source Code" so...' Evan graphs while making me see him as a smiling "Ted" dressed in some throw back of what a movie director looked like in like 1950...ascot and megaphone .in the corner of the room
'SOOOOOOOOOOO WHAT!" I graph.."this isn't a movie I am writing it is a documentation OF HUMAN EXPERIEMTNATION!"
"Well ,,I think it had better become something else and very very quickly...,""Evan graphs sending me a jolt of pain right down my spinal cord so bad I literally scream so loud I hear the neighbor open up his window...
while I type the words
on the keyboard.
:See dumbo you are Core -less after all"Evan graohs.
I begin to feel the pain
start deleting the 2-0-3-5-
typing 2-0-1-5-
and never will I set this in the future...and movies are the reason nobody knows what I am saying means what I say...that movies are the problem..and movies is how you (and I ) have been taught to think...and that getting something made into a movie MATTERS...and getting something publish MATTERS..
and relating to people in BEER ads matter..when people in beer ads are models and only one percent of people look or can train their facial smilings to be project like models. And how odd it is we look up to PEOPLE whose claim to fame is being able to mimic emotions ...
if people do that "off screen we call them sociopaths. Not stars..
...and the pain going through my spine hurts even more and now the window the neighbor opened to hear my scream closes his window..


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