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American Ultra : Dr Robertson on psychotronic torture

Go tight CLOSE -UP next pull away.Slowly.We want a jarring effect.Big Ideas.Small room.After all,it's about manipulating perception.

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(1) Are you alright Cole?"Vanessa asked, staring at the books littering the coffee table
.Books about
 aliens,witch craft,and secret societies
 books with silly psychedelic covers and triangles with eyes in them
Cole had grown a full beard and had begun drinking in the morning
eating garbage trolling the net for abductees and victims of mind control
the next day it would be another theory, he'd talk about antennas and transmissions, next it would be thoughts of possession and questions about faith.He even asked her if he should become a Catholic

all sorts of explanations for what he whisperingly referred to as "the ear thing"
and 'the eye thing"

she had spoken to his shrink who seemed crazier than Cole was,Cole's psychiatrist explained.
there were all sorts of tests being performed
Cole simply fit a demographic

it's about procuring a library of Thought Styles
"the New Way" could standardize
A.I. and Immersive technology

Cole ,the Dr. explained should be
excited to be part of "it"

"so Cole is a Guinea Pig? For whom?" she asked

"I didn't say I was sure " the shrink said....his eyes darting
his excitement now replaced by
what looked to Vanessa an awful lot  more like fear than anything one
might be 'excited to be part of"

 " don't call it being a Guinea Pig.
he's been selected for some reason....
targeted....some in his position call themselves Targeted Individuals
but that
all but declares victimhood.....and we need Cole to feel empowered don't we?"the doctor said
 it's been happening alot,alot more than you might think""he said softly  looking around the room as if they were in some spy movie,""it doesn't make sense that a schizophrenic would remember hallucinations in this way, nor that Sound and Vision come together

:...The patient. I mean Cole's recollections are story based,a true schizophrenics are not. a schizophrenic's affect is disorganized.
Cole is focused
and astute
something of an extrovert

...." last year I  saw a client  I also suspected was being mentored
Very state of the art. in fact
the way this client described
the Brain Link
the Co Conscious
was exhilarating.....

  The Dr. informed Vanessa that there have been a rash of "the ear thing" and 'the seeing thing' all over California and Oregon
The Dr mentioned that
Gang Stalking techniques are utilized to keep the "participant" quiet..

" chipping someone's nervous system is still in 'the grey area" of legality..."The Dr said..

"the Grey area?" Vanessa said

New Things  need a new Way ,the Dr. said
throughout history
"things" have been "driven round the block" by the civilian population.""Things"" it's really not a good idea to speak about....

'can you help him?"Vanessa asked

"His mentors will help him....
the New Way does not believe in Psychiatry...,"the Dr said

'what does this "new Way" believe in?" Vanessa asked, annoyed at the Drs."withholds"

"Oh ..they believe in many
things I don't understand,' the Dr said smiling than placing his finger to his lips...his other finger pointing to the phone

Vanessa got up to leave..Clearly.
this man was unwell himself
The dr.
stood and said
"A colleage of mine who treated several such patients was murdered. last year,in his home.I really don't feel comfortable treating Cole at this time"

"have you told Cole?About any of this?"Vanessa asked.

├┐ou don't seem to understand",if I tell Cole I am telling Them"

you don't "mess with THEM"....

.Your ex boyfriend is esentially a rape victim.
mind rape..
but also a tape recorder.
and a Tv I's in the grey area...
of legality
it's Advanced Technology...
It's sometimes referred to as synthetic telepathy.Brain waves are read from..."

"Jesus Christ Dr. are  you telling me Cole has computer chips in his brain ,"she said grabbing her coat getting ready to leave,she had heard that most psychiatrists are crazier than their patients and was now assured this was so

"there's no need for computer chips.That's whats frightening ...
but it helps to have bio sensors..for the Immersive Reality stuff.
otherwise there is so much beaming and waves being tossed about that
in no time
one's mind becomes. Irradiated

  .. no larger than a dendrite...truly a marvel of our time"

"good bye Dr"" she said."i think I am going to call some agencies..
if what you say is true
they might be able to help Cole get this stuff out of his system"

"oh dear..I wouldn't do that...  " the Dr said.."why they might just do the same to you poor's best Cole just believe
he's nuts or that the entire situation
is supernatural....

"He does ," Vanessa said


She drove from the office to her apartment
and began doing what Cole had been doing trolling the interent for answers.All she needed was 9 day old beard,a bathrobe and some books about demons and she'd BE Cole.

 what she found was interesting.And terrifying ,if it were true THEY were doing tests

earlier that week Cole had called her in the middle of the night explaining that he was being called upon by angels.And she had snapped at him.She felt bad about then ,worse about it now,she dialed his number and suprisingly he picked it up on it's first ring

'I'm in love he said"sounding happier than she had ever remembered him being
he explained to Nessa that he was communicating with his true companion through all time
that it happened to be a guy didnt matter,love was love
he had never felt this way before
their nervous systems "spoke"to each other

""Where did you meet?"she asked

"You wouldn't understand.We didnt actually meet""

"it's The ear thing right.the "possession"" thing"

"You wouldnt understand"

"actually Cole I think I might""



.Although he was right handed he had begun using his left hand more and more,he had to buy a pair of left handed scissors

if you have something to say say it my face Cole yelled
at the "voices"

it will spoil it.there's a suspension of disbelief factor at play here Evan Graphed.

can I meet you?in real life?

"whats so great about "real life" Cole?what have you done with real life.What's the world done with real life?"

having listened to what Nessa said
(call her Vanessa,actually don't call her at all Evan said)he couldn't get it out of his mind that this sense this interaction was some technological mind fuck.It took the dimension of his initial "spiritual connection" away.But than again this Evan wasn't always the "love interest" Cole made him out to be.
In fact Evan had kept him awake last night telling him to throw away all his money.

"there's a reason for everything,"Evan said

it wasn't always sound ,it was more like the pulsing.pitch.Like the white noise a giant pulsating fan made.
it was also changes.
to his mood and perceptions.
as if someone had removed the top of his skull and was playing various parts of his brain like a piano.
he wished the key was in only the pleasure centers of his mind
but it was a complicated piece Evan was playing
sometimes he felt like crying for no reason.
It was times like that when he felt like calling Dr.Ling and asking for an appointment or pills.
and all thoughts of being connected to Evan went away
he also had the feeling it wasnt always just Evan
in control
the feeling was different.
sometimes he felt like he was simply connected to his own mind.
or to a computer.
bits of him felt as if they were being taken in .and out and reconnected
every matter of thought was presented to him.various styles.
he could have sworn once that a woman had entered his consciousness
he had seen the movie avatar.where other people had the ability to ....

:stop it " Evan said,"to over analyze this is to destroy it"
"than destroy it"
"i can destroy you in about 7 you out of your mind ,perhaps for good.would you like that Cole?:
"no"he graphed.
that's not how it's done.we're not having a conversation.Do you understand?
"what do you want?"
that's not how it's done that's not how it's done ..than the odd not quite sound of a fan .of white noise.he instantly forgot about the entire situation,except that "it" could drive him mad in 7 minutes,he got on with his own dismal thoughts,that he had to clean up the living room,shave..always aware however that someone or something was reading him
"to over analyze it is to destroy it"
fuck you he thought.not at "it"
"we can't do that either"
He found himself shouting at the ceiling"shut up shut up shut up"
"now you sound like a mad man,which reminds me .you must find another psychiatrist and tell him you hear voices.we need it documented"
who needs it documented.who the fuck was he talking to,thinking to.
"stop it stop stop it "sounded something like a high pitched voice.not Evan but more electronic.augmented.followed by another lower pitched "vibration"that seemed to somehow calm his mind down
'go to a mental hospital go to a mental hospital" an even deeper pitch roared.
he stuck his hands to his ears ,rocking back and forth.
he wasn't in control of the "entity" he couldn't make it stop.,
he couldn't shut it off.
he pictured the rest of his life in a mad house.
He forced himself to stop rocking and go to the bathroom to shave.
He saw his face in the mirror drawn tight from the stress.
calm down calm down calm down he hummed to himself,dropping the razor.for one moment wanting to ..
he slashed water on his face.
the sound ,the pace,was slower.he found it soothing .as if his mind had begun responding to another frequency.a calming one
and suddenly he felt  as buoyant

"it's new Cole,"He heard the voice say,"we have to test this mother fucker for all it's worth,isn't that the way love is?"Isn't that the way it is with all new relationships.Especially when you're the bitch,Cole felt a sexual  sensationrun  through his body that was like...

"don't come yet bossman,we gotta get you to a mental hospital"

"why.I'm not crazy"

"dude,you be crazy.or you be dead"



my mom and step dad used to go out to these mom was very good looking,...people dropped things for no reason when she was walked by..
.there were around 7 of us strag alongs .
we hung around in the lobbies of fancy apartments
.we all got to know each other.most of the parents were divorced .it was visiting day.weekends .every other weekend.

"my name is Veda,"the girl in the lobby said.I had seen her around other lobbies.she often wore a crown on her head or something shiney in her hair.I had seen her and her brother sit for 3 hours ,very still ,not saying a word
she was 7 if she was a day,"this is my brother Kit,He doesnt speak.He is magical.
we can communicate without words.some people can,it runs in families,I want you to run upstairs and get us cookies and soda,"
I told her we weren't allowed upstairs.And Kit began having a fit,
"see what you did?"she said,"now quick ,quick run upstairs and get us cookies and soda before something happens"


"I'd like you to meet Evan" Veda said, offering me a drink,"and Kit,Remember Kit,he talks now .But sometimes he prefers the Old Way of speaking.Not the New Way "

"I was sort of expected to see you wearing a crown"I said sipping my wine,tasting something cinnamon and salty

"I am,and now ,so are you"she said,taking away my glass.

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