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1963 February

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To introduce what I call Para-Biology that is convincingly unconvincing enough that a subject will not suspect that their induced "Telepathy" is not Telemetric in origin it is necessary to understand and therefore synthesize purported Paranormal Activity therefore I ask that you reconsider your rejection of our proposal to not invite practitioners ,sects and "experts "that presume knowledge and "connection" with both Occult and Supernatural forces.The very fact that many such groups and collectives have established followings and believers in genuine telepathy and spiritual "communion "not induced by electronic or frequency pulsation to manipulate or alter brain signals suggests that charismatic leaders of such fringe groups might not only be helpful but knowledgeable to help systemize realistic equivalents of manufactured mysticism. To out and out dismiss for subversives such as Krishna Venta,The Oxford Group ,Frank Robinson Aleister Crowly ...as consolatory in creating "myth based" lead ins to imposed altered consciousness by either hallucinogenic and or Psychotronic means of " Corralled  Consciousness: indoctrination or" Psychological Decomposition " puzzles me. If electronically induced psychedelic Spectra is to be introduced into the mind of the subjugate I must ask "Who or What" the subject is to "make" of the transmission or drug based "Entity" with whom they are "communicating" with?I do not feel that "Voice of God "Technology can be nor should be scripted upon tenants of either the Old Testament or The New Testament which are rather less part of "Group Mind" than they previously were. When you indicated that Orson Welles' radio broadcast of "War of the Worlds" produced sufficient Mass Hysteria indicating that an "Invasion" was upon us the implied "invasion" mentioned nothing of  "mind manipulation "or telepathy by these would be "Spacemen" the mind manipulation was in fact the broadcast itself the very opposite of influencing an individual or crowd to believe "A Mighty Power "has "presented". I remind you that Hollywood has all but squandered it's own "Myth" of Alien invasion by tempering it's depictions of Flying Saucers and Spacemen in recent years to parody. I agree that with *** that Hollywood must be "brought aboard "and therefore" kept in line" to establish  a resurgence in the "Great Unknown "and encouraged to introduce or reintroduce solidity into useful themes such as Satanism and Spiritual Possession in a style that modernizes  aspects of Christian -Judaic belief systems. Themes that remain relevant in our primal natures that go beyond serpent in tree or burning bush...Voodoo, Ritualized Black Magic are ancient but still very modern practices that by their very definition are riddled with fear .If reintroduced correctly into the lexicon of culture awareness I feel a subject induced with "Mind Augment" technology might innately assume a supernatural force of some kind is the source of Aural Engagement etc..If the more lurid and frightening aspects of myth are re-emphasized into the Collective Consciousness (filmed and scripted in a fashion that "does not hit the audience over the head with "it") we automatically have a coherent element of "possession".
May I also suggest that perhaps a "rampage" or "shooting" take place by one claiming "the devil made me do it"that 'go with" the release dates of "realistic depictions"(certainly "Village of the Damned for instance is scarier than for instance Abbot and Costello meet Frankenstein") of modern Satanic ,Supernatural or Occult representations by "master " filmmakers. I cannot emphasize enough how much Hollywood must be encouraged to induce "group myth" regarding "outside sources of influence" pertaining to instigated sensory engagement.

Once again I encourage you to reconsider the participation and integration of already "placed"self perpetuating "cults"." Orson Welles "War of the Worlds"  was broadcast before television became the "prime source" of "popular perception " and persuasion. The "Group Mind"is saturated by TV's conflicting and segmented impact.Film however is a medium that insinuates "Oneness" of themes .The 24 frame per second flicker of projected image is while less "conductive "to the frontal lobe forces sustained involuntary attention than the radiant light of the cathode ray. The flicker effect of moving pictures "lit up" in a cavelike dark theater have elements of primitive man "around the fire"that more so than TV subconsciously trigger a theme's retention. Induced perception by electronic stimulation of intracranial temporal function serves no purpose if "story,myth and corresponding emotional response are not introduced by association.

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