Thursday, September 3, 2015


SUSSUDIO Standards of Understanding Synaptic Signature of Universally Decoded Intra-cortical Oeuvre
is a means to categorize collected neural data attained by several Brain Requsitive Test Studies whose objective was and is to decipher brain signal that precedes spoken verbiage .

In order to create a broad library of  Inner Monologue Patterns we must mine a broad spectrum of human organisms unaware of the studies as their awareness concerning such study might contaminate the legitimacy of many mind  mining exercises. Our objective is to create a data bases of non spoken vocabulary templates from electronic components placed in a wide variety of human subjects.Intra-cortical interfaces are  initiated by technology created to induce sound into a human organism that by-passes the subject's ears .The unique sound and the brain's unique reception of "Silent Bone Conductive Hearing" can most  easily be  "de-noised" from other sound in the subject's day to day inner monologue that is beyond our means to control.

The subject's nervous system and brain tissue when properly instilled with electrolytes or many forms of "mico or nano" -electrode(or any substance that meets the criteria that allows a human mind to   now act as transmitter and receiver  to  listen in record and next decode  one's brain signal. A researcher  introduces Silent Sound (Voice to Skull) Technology to instigate words upon the subject's auditory cortex in order to study the  induced neural spikes that pertain to specific consonants and vowels.

For instance Bone Conductive hearing might introduce the unfinished phrase "The Wheels on the bus go....."
the finished  phrase
               r-o-u-n-d- a-n-d-r-o-u-n-d
                                                           is transmitted to the receiver by the subject's automatic need to seek balance and closure in their neural cognitions.
                r-o-u-n-d  a-n-d r-o-u-n-d
will appear on a screen in the form of spikes similar to those that appear on a   EEG graph

hard  "R" and soft"D" and the {-oow- }in between
is discovered in subtle changes in shape and length of collected electrical signal made spike . Enough acquired spikes and de-spikes eventually allows for the discernment of more complex sounds and words once only heard in another's private inner monologue .

With Remote Neural Monitoring RNM, it is be possible to read and decode a person who has been injected  with biotechnological accoutrement .Supercomputers which can process  20 billion bits per second  may be fed certain programs concerning  signals intelligence systems which uses electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), to investigate electrical activity in humans from a distance.
For purposes of electronic evaluation, electrical activity in the speech centre of the brain can be translated in to the subject's verbal thoughts.  This encoding helps in detecting speech related areas   of the brain's activity to study the nerves producing a shifting electrical patterns  There are spikes and patterns which act as touchstones to decode complicated words and word patterns. Much like the finding of one letter makes doing a crossword puzzle easier ,finding repetitive vowels and constants as a certain spike allows a researcher to build upon less recurrent spikes that are the precursor to words and sentences .  

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