Sunday, September 20, 2015

Many human subjects chosen to develop Hand's Off non lethal Neuroweapons Testing experience a rather noticeable twitch and feel hypertonic contractions of their muscles .Many human test subjects are often referred to neurologists .Most neurologists attempt to treat the symptoms of tremor and muscle rigidity (dystonia) with various medications .Sometimes the Targeted Individual used for electromagnetic low frequency Human Testing is told by their neurologist that their Basal... Ganglia has been damaged and is asked if they work in high risk occupations that expose them daily to high doses of electromagnetic radiation that may have induced such damage to the basal ganglia.
The section of the brain called the Basal ganglia distinctive by presence of nigrostrial dopaminergic system involved in planning and programming of movement. The Basal Ganglia also processes brain signal that converts signal into actual movement.
In our daily lives we are exposed to many types of electromagnetic fields
(EMF) pulsed or in wave forms .Wireless energy is part of our daily lives and we are all exposed to different sources of EMFs of extremely low frequency (ELF) (below 300 Hz) and low intensity (below 2 mT) and many neurode-generative diseases such as Parkinson disease,dystonia and tremor are related to damage in the Basal ganglia. A Human test subject used for neuro research is often targeted with EMF pulses for many often years 24 hours a day so researchers can best understand how EMF effects not only the psychological activity of brain waves but also how EMF can incapacitate a riotous crowd by purposely directing EMF pulsations at a human organism's brain to cause temporary disruption of the section of the brain that control physical movement (citation- Dept. of Biology University of Banja Luka "The Influence of Extreme Low Frequency Electromagnetic Field on the Basal ganglia)

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