Monday, September 21, 2015

Emit and Aberrants

Aberrants have a limited range concerning  adaptation  to The New Way.

 Ruiners know that neuro technology will once and for all display their neuronal activity as it is
and as it emits outwardly effecting other's neural activity.
All animals and plants and living organisms Emit .
we may not see Emittance but that does not mean it is not there.
we do not see smell yet why does  it reek so in the soul when a Ruiner approaches
those amongst us without such attenuations .
Ruiners as I have stated  and declared emit as degenerately as they do think
 In the early 1960's I declared that some hidden within our species of man were aberrations of mankind
.People laughed when I showed I could measure a man's Emit with a See meter.
Some still claim ill thinking although measured by science is not a  pollutant .

The Ruiner cannot claim his or her measured condition of worth or worthlessness is based on creed, color  or ethnic type
but only science
.The Ruiner now of course sees Brain Science and the Science -ideology behind it as the new Reich ,Big Brother and End of Times all at once.
What else can a Ruiner say BUT you are wrong !
that THIS SCIENCE .This Ideology IS WRONG and NOT I who is the WRONG KIND
The wrong kind of THINKER. Who produces disturbances in the Atmosphere of frequency wherever He or She ,The Ruiner GOES.
 .Why should our species be restricted and harmed  by those whose very cellular discharge pollutes the brain signals of others ? I predicted that the times would come when no man nor woman with bad  inner burnishing could hide behide false niceties and guises of countenance
 but be called to give public record of their brain signals for decoding and subsequent  inspection .
The Ruiner already cries foul!
 Not only is it not RIGHT  to decode thoughts into language is worse however to the Ruiner that their thoughts might now  be judged and NOT by some pie in the sky All Forgiving all Loving being
No but here on earth as it for their sake YES Let it be in heaven a lord ,a ward or master that DOES NOT judge
But not here! Not on OUR Turf all of you Un -Runatious in Design.
Why must you or I be infected by Emitting by Ruiners who ONLY think Aberrations  and only EMIT aberrations into the very air,sky and minds of others!
 Oh,certainly the Ruiner would be happy to have his mind read by "his kind" which would find no Aberration in "like minded" men and women.
Ruiners might  tend to  stick with  with Ruiners
but often the Ruiner sets his sights on ONE OF US!  As to inflict their emittances on those of Good and Pure Mind/
The Ruiner likes to take all down to his or her level concerning  brain signal Attenuations!
People say Gary, Ruiners cannot help it ,they were born as Ruiners.
And I say a shark cannot help that it eats and enjoys easy prey shall  I place a shark in your child's bathtub?
If anything goes wrong remember it's not the shark's fault !
The shark was Born that Way!
  The Ruiner should fear the New Way because The New Way of Neuronautics fears nothing  from The Old Way
The Old Way is Over ..sure let it stick around  a few more years  so people can  dress it in a coat and hat and send it on it's outs with no missing it
Ruiner hate The New Way because   the Science-ideology behind The New Way cannot be dismissed in the usual manner most political and social reforms might be cast aside
 The legislation and pledge  of The New Way has and will always be transparent as a Mind Scan
The New Way is Only about  TRUTHS
and Mind Reading and what the Mind Emitting.
The pragmatics of Right and wrong  concerning traits of mind  and thought styles are not New Ways of discovering personality types .
For hundreds of years great thinkers have developed a multitude of tests to determine if this man or that woman is "good ,bad or indifferent" to others.
If this man or woman "runs "warm' or cold" concerning personality traits.
 But Ruiners can often "pass" themselves off as "Non Aberrant" .
Ruiners live for such deceptions! Ruiners will be the first to call foul !-that  certain Tv shows Neuronautics and Parasol Pictures  have  produced to "go with ' Mind Decode  technology  .
Cry Foul ! that certain programming indeed HAS been deliberately laced with variables of substance   meant  only to gauge passive response to these programs.
Did you think we'd hand out paper and number 2 pencils?
 Already I have read 4  journalist  RUINERS one and all decry these  broadcasts THEY HAVE NOT EVEN SEEN!
One journalist chiming on about  Rorschach like plot points to  study automatic response with a bevy of remote neural monitoring devices  Gary rainy and Neuronautics probably want in out very blood streams.

 YES we DO.! THIS my friends is called Progress..
By why and How do WE make progress
 with Ruiners in our midst calling trans humanism  TRANGESSION-ISM?
. Already we  hear the Ruiner saying  "but Tv cannot be used in this way!" Technology cannot be built into biology .or living FREE society.
Ruiners KNOW about FREE living ...don't they..for years ..since the dawn of  man Ruiners have lived Free OFF of Non Ruiners sucking their very Neural Energy from them.
And now the table shave turned.
Science...and technology has found a way to measure neural data

Gary Rainy "The Future is Now Conference" 2013

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