Monday, September 21, 2015

neuronal coding and direct to cortex "emoji' reward systems

Consumers depend on a large variety of rewards but their brains have a limited coding range. Because of uncertain causal relations of what distinct "vision" is considered reward upon what demographic in particular  neuronal coding needs  to understand  a wide range of  reward based visual cues  concerned emoji like "sight" upon  a subject/consumer's visual cortex. A primary concern of Brain Map must understand interfaced output regarding decoded reward trigger input upon the "app-ed"  human brain in field settings.  Merge Biotech allows the subject/consumer to receive emoji like thought based imagery upon their visual cortex" to produce 'second sight' .

To understand occipital imbue reward systems we must  increase our understanding of visual triggers introduced The New Way by  temporarily limiting "second sight" emoji (a smiley face , a cartoon cricket) to "just the facts" concerning "good boy ,bad boy ' thought styles regarding Mind to Mind  and Mind to machine thinking . We  will focus on predicted range of reward response concerning second sight overlay already quantified by other algorithm reward paradigms of earlier Brain Interface studies. One way to overcome the trade-off between second sight being used to bond the relationship between man and his Tele -Operator on a day to day ,hour to hour basis and also use second sight imbue  to adapt  Merge bio tech towards reward sensitivity in subgroups is to  take advantage of  the  standards  of cue and emotional reward system in specially made programming based upon characters hearing and seeing things others do not. In this way Proxy Cybernetics owes much of it's lack of redundancy concerning Brain Map to Parasol Pictures. Tv has always cued the viewer of programming  with feedback   ( the viewer feels rewarded and 'instep" when laughing ,for instance BEFORE a 'track "rewards the viewer  with "you got the joke ,you are OK!" ) .In this way all television programming  already functions to some degree as virtual reality and a Closed Loop interface . We will investigate how changes in reward distribution influence the coding of reward in the orbitofrontal cortex by using  fixation cues predicted by  previous recorded neural data based on the subject(and subject's  demographic) in many  broadcast based responses . Statistical analysis  of individual 's enhanced with bio tech  reveal that a quarter of value-coding neurons shifted flux and Hz  with identifiable reward sensitivity slope evoked potentials  when   reward distribution of pleasant second sight was offered randomly  during  TV / Human Computer Interaction sessions so the subject would not feel he or she was being 'studied" during beta state . "Second sight" emoji like induced  "visions" subdued the subject's  resistance to "mind intrusion" but did not often  "get in the way" of follow through for our understanding reward cues concerning  emotional response concerning  self referential TV that "seemed to reflect" the subject's qualities or  mimic their quandaries ( age/financial demographic )  . When the subject is encouraged to  choose  pre programmed TV that contains subtext of "handling" and  Super natural or Artificial mechanisms of "intelligence" the subject imbued with bio tech  demonstrated  neuron excitation ten fold concerning self referential observational reward  . This observed neuronal discriminant coding offers the tele-operator tempo and texture to best commune with the subject pertaining to themes of  "Group think"  and Deep learning exercises with TV's built in sense of resolution of conflict..

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