Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Linais Linden Personhood Test

I work on the 8th floor at the 8th Floor Social network
The 8th Floor Social media network was launched from Kip Kreiger's 700 square ft studio apartment
before The 8th Floor Social network site had access to an office building much less an 8th Floor
The 8th Floor Social Media siteis now up 2.3. points since an announcement was made yesterday morning that a new system was being developed to take advantage of the small cameras now in nearly every computer that would help a consumer find things on the screen with the help of a pupillary scan app that would come at no charge so long as The 8th floor had consent to use your eye tracking information to sell tom Parasol Pictures ,Proxy Cybernetics and Starry Eyed A.I.
Some say that Kip wasn't thinking high enough when he called The 8th Floor Social Network Site The 8th Floor
Some say Kip should have thought higher concerning the name of the company .A reporter once said Kip should have called it
"The 555th Floor social network or something more grand .I guess referring to the heights of success Kip and The 8th Floor has reached
but Kip Krieger knew he said at a large office party 5 years ago that keeping levels and heights away from the public 's mindset was key to
making people use the network to begin with
let me explain-
Cliff Latches is part of the 8th floor social media team ..Cliff Latches watches over the posts.. .. his main job is to Categorizing 'types" quickly and efficiently in only a few gleanings of the social media consumers contributions to his or her page -special software helps Cliff Latches quickly graze
key swipe rhythm
selection of photograph ( and what for instance it means if you choose a picture with your head tilted a wee bit too the left or right-it means much more about you according to the 8th Floor than you might imagine it's called network profiling based upon , the overall impact the consumer believes he or she is making by choosing a wide variety of "give aways " and 'tell tales' that Cliff was taught were a built in to most social media sites..the user is deliberately not aware of these built in made to cue you ...so you can be queued later by either the 8th Floor or a outsourced to a special firm that tracks Aberrant emoji and whatnot,,,these guys have like rocket scientist degrees studying WHAT IT REALLY MEANS to say NO I will not play Candy Crush with too much applied pressure upon one's keyboard. .little things...that Cliff was told he could not reveal strange things like what it means if one leaves "what sports do you like /" blank ..It all meant some thing //there were 47 POINTS of INTEREST built into the actual initial settings that somehow let the 8th floor know more about you than even you do according to the Linais Linden Personhood TEST or what we jokingly called the Cursor -ality test first used on primates with electrodes in their open skulled brains in 1983,,,according to the (LLP)the Linais Linden the choice of color of main "ribbon" "theme" of your page means almost about as much as the way you crop your profile pic and MORE even than if you do no choose to CROP a photo that obviously need a' cropping the amount of seconds or minutes it takes you to consider a password according to The  Linais  Linda  Personhood Test  how you might react in to all matter of initiated or unexpected input concerning social "reactives" to preplanned but un foreseen 'EVENTS.. ..it had take 4 months of training to be able to understand a"type"before they even typed in a single post . this was not how the job as monitor first presented 9 years ago..
(2) He wonders
he says
if he would have taken the job knowing what he knows the 8th Floor social media site is really about
the endless shuffle of names in brite green and yellow ...the yellow names he skips over...the green are high alert
the red and blue highlighted names he's not even allowed to see anymore
...they don't even come up on his screen
..a few times he spotted some of the names in brite red and tried befriending this category from his home screen but hesitated ..there must have been a reason
this type had to be specially monitored by people with special skills. that have nothing to do with just collecting information for marketing ... Cliff's main job before he became a GREEN
was observing the algorithms and cycles of the search engine traffic to base new algorithms upon
by first finding a new type of pattern to some :cursor-ality" movements or withholds
In the old days when the 8th Floor was on the 3 rd floor in Austin TX
Kip Kreiger would not only hand out raises to those who found new patternings
but he would also
lead "the team" in a "Everything is Fine!" chant which Kip had picked up at a Neuronautics seminar in the early 1990's
when he was homeless living outside his parents Brentwood house in a trailer
with only Marcel his dog to keep him grounded
(3) it was not so easy anymore to find new patterns .his raise has stayed the same since 2007
no longer is Kip Kreiger there to lead the "Future  is Fine" chant to Utter greatness

 Cliff had thought of joining to Neuronautics..
Kip had encouraged it of all his workers but did not make "it" mandatory
.. Cliff looks at people more and more like the security firms that the 8th fl social network works with has taught him to..as personality profiles based on pattern recognition .He now sees people in crowds ..or at stores and the beach as predictive response.
He notices the colors the people wear more than the people ..the way the color blue scatters somehow evenly ..that no big chucks of blue are in one place
Kip had once said
..people in blue clothing never stay in subsets.
Cliff looks not only for pattern but for Aberration in posture ,stance and tone now in large crowds..
..he thinks off it as a test
life as a test..a pattern..an algorithm
he wondered sometimes if the people could feel it..
.feel it through the screen that something wrong was happening here..
why were we typing ..what were we saying.. never mind to whom.
.it was odd Cliff thought that nobody even cared now
cared anymore
people like him were reading their words
and studying their unsaid Interior intent
. Did it mean the agency didn't matter or that consumers didn't think what they typed or thought mattered
.maybe nothing
Cliff had learned that if a consumer typed at all
had less to do with what was happening to them that day than if the screen happened to be close by
..the screen was doing something to his eyes ...to his mind
cliff thought
..he could barely see anything but the bright blue blue type .on his screens and screens
.not words... something right will come out of this census Cliff thought
..this watching .
.words mean a lot .
.people learning to think this new way..had taken time.
.yes it meant something besides ..
categorizing the users of the 8th floor social network into
reds ,blues,green and yellows... It was a job. A job that made his eyes sore and his mind flat ..something right will come out of this census Cliff thought
an IM came up in the right side of his screen a hippo yelling ,chanting ,smiling" the Future is Fine ,The Future is Fine ,The Future is Fine!"


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