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2006 (Last Train to San Fernando)

Steerage was a restaurant  Indis O Say had only read about in magazines.
Valerie Prentis was only a person Indis had seen on TV and in newspapers.

  "Of course  you can write anything you want  to
about anything whatsoever
so long as you are comfortable writing to as small an audience this type of freedom
allows."Valerie Pretis, head of Parasol Pictures  told Indis O Say snapping her fingers at a waiter .
"I mean some people like the freedom and intimacy  of having a small  audience ..

This type" Valerie Prentis said reaching out to hold Indis' hand " and please don't get me wrong  I am certainly not inferring this is your type at all.
but there is  a certain type of writer,a certain kind of artist, singer,actor   who
resent the people whose job it is
 to weed out  amateur,  so they might
brand and handle those who have outgrown the teenage' I want my freedom ' stage in their careers.
A certain type and I am sure you know who I mean
endlessly rant and rave about commercialism
and the few gatekeepers of the media
whose job it control the flow of
"the arts"*

Some believe a good man. a REAL artist ,writer ,actor, singer
should be satisfied
not seeking a wider audience .. who believe in fact that there is a special worth to not
succeeding on a wide scale
This type actually prides himself or herself on being non commercial
This type somehow prides itself  on having a product or craft that is limited to only a very special few
who also think less is more.

 You will have to forgive me Indis.
if I feel that
art,writing ,acting ,singing ..should be something that unifies  the collective consciousness rather than
splinters it.
So many younger writers and actors
use their freedom to say whatever they feel needs to be said as weapons to divide the hearts and minds of one's audience
.rather than unify the audience toward a  Singularity of Mind

"Do you agree Indis?" Valerie asked Indis  watching the waiter  open a bottle of wine she had brought with her to the restaurant  'Or did you only accept Parasol's offer to come out to Los Angeles
to tear me up in one of your Prestige pieces for your little online  enclave ? Oh Indis,I meant nothing by that ..I suppose I should say I would respect you, for as they say- not selling out . But we're both grown ups here
and  I value you
and would hate it if you did not value yourself  and settle for the limited venue of self publishing
either online or off
 as a limited venue also implies  limited value.
..but maybe that type of coziness  is important to you. Some artist function best in small arenas..

I'm  very sure some very good musicians enjoy playing in small cozy coffee houses.... Also I am sure some of our best actors enjoy and actually thrive in small community theaters. Of course I have never heard of these people .." Valerie said ,"have you?"

*TITLE I—DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY Sec. 101. Executive department; mission. Sec. 102. Secretary; functions. Sec. 103. Other officers. TITLE II—INFORMATION ANALYSIS AND INFRASTRUCTURE PROTECTION Subtitle A—Directorate for Information Analysis and Infrastructure Protection; Access to Information Sec. 201. Directorate for Information Analysis and Infrastructure Protection. Sec. 202. Access to information. Subtitle B—Critical Infrastructure Information Sec. 211. Short title. Sec. 212. Definitions. Sec. 213. Designation of critical infrastructure protection program. Sec. 214. Protection of voluntarily shared critical infrastructure information.

The restaurant that was  "Steerage" was originally considered an exclusive haunt
only the members of Neuronautics could eat at
Once Neuronautics bought stock in Parasol Pictures
and  Merge Proxy Cyber the restaurant began allowing those outside the
"Church/Movement" in
although the theme of the theme restaurant did not change the theme "of the times" changed enough
that the ideologies based upon Science as faith and also "The Science of Mind' as judgment
of another's rank on what Gary Rainy ,found of the Movement called the "Scale of Human Evolve "
became more acceptable and more mainstream
The War on Terror
eased in the important of
 "Group Thought"
 and "Like  Mind" thinking

 Jacob  Jacobian, a former mentor at the Church of Neuronautics

co-opted his Neuronautics Education (Jacob had reached the plateau of Level 9 OT(Operating Tele-Presence ") into first becoming a successful  restaurant manager into becoming one of Los Angeles '
most noted Restaurateurs

Jacob ..was benched by "the Team" for his
unusually "harsh" methods of "psychic driving"
with Brain Computer Interface
that Jacob claimed
were in accord with
the previously "face to face" methodology of
"commandeering" a "member's
neural pathways
to a
more "clear" and "conscientious


his superiors however reminded him that Mind to Mind Augmentations with "the chips"
required a "rather more"tapered
version of
Induced Rectification of Emmitance

and was "relieved of duty"for what Valerie Prentis semi jokingly said

"To lose one human subject  may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose eight  looks like carelessness."
while suicide was often an inevitability
of an unsolicited "testing" with both A.I. ,Immersive Reality and Brain Computer Interface
the Powers that Seize
regarded Jacob's Exuberant Enthusiasm
as Tele-Operator as
more Sadistic than Efficient
and politely offered Jacob
a position at Merge that did not require either Hand's On
or "Hand's  Off   /headset On" non lethal
mind correction

at first Jacob was reticent about
managing a restaurant that only catered to employees of Merge Proxy Cybernetics
until he
came up with a theme
that corresponded to
The New Way
Group Thought
that primarily
required the subject to not
be "subjugated"
as much as be "in tow" with the "redirecting of Self Signal Variable Evoked Potential
the basis of Neuronautic's founder Gary Rainy
Communication is a cybernetic process, ever dynamic and constantly changing. When Person A transmits a message it travels in a forward arc to Person B who responds, and a return message is received by Person A.  The response arc contains a variety of messages, verbal and nonverbal and should affect what Person A transmits next. The success of communication lies in extracting meaning from the response arc and reformulating a new forward arc that moves the conversation in the right direction.  In cybernetic theory this is called ‘adaptive control’.  By constantly varying the content and delivery of the transmitted message a rapport loop can be quickly established between conversing parties.  This is known as the technique of ‘pacing’.

Cybernetic processes are governed by the Law of Requisite Variety which, stated simply, says that in any process operating systemically, the elements in the system that have the greatest adaptability or variety are those that gain control. In other words, if Person A constantly adapts their forward arc (based on the information from the response arc), they will be able to influence the results of the interaction)

the suicides of Jacob's "wards"
were simply taken by hard core "old school" practitioners of Neuronautics.
End Result Equations
and a type of
Self Exiting for The Greater Good
the subject 's Self Realization that their Emittance (brain signal systems) were
Too maladaptive to serve as "Socialized"Survivalism
that was the heart of the  Neuronautic 's Movement
Jacob researched many a restaurateur
to conceive of a "theme" or novelty
that was in keeping with
The spirit of Neuronautics
and finally decided
pepper the floor of the dining room with box turtles
the scurry of customers would
topple over
it would "be up to" the customer
of  "Steerage"
to decide
the turtle on it's back
should or should not be
by placing the reptile
on it's feet...


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