Saturday, September 12, 2015


Eileen Edwin knew how to spot an "App-ed Up" Man
a mile away.
After all they had literally run her father over to place biotech in his body.
The guy
moved like he was a Boom operator. cameraman.
His eyes and thus his head moved around as if he was doing a Pan and Scan not wanting
his Mandlers to see "found footage' like interface from him.
No wonder they called him Dumbo ,thought Eileen who was told before the Peace Rally
to be on lookout for a dumb looking guy who looked like  he walked off the set of "Gamer'
Most of the Human targets who had been app-ed for testing and Tele-Presence had this odd gait to them..
Tics and mild tremor from the scalar and microwaves screwing with their limbic system. their dopamine.
But this guy.
was beyond Side Effect .
He may as well have had the word whistle blower  tattoo-ed on his forehead..
and a little sign around his neck saying "I am a Camera'
it was as if he wanted someone to notice he'd been tagged with Merge.

Eileen's lover told her that morning showing a slide show of the "known " men and women taken by Proxy Cyber and spiked with nano dust.

These people were targets too but don't feel sorry for them..once they"app' you they own you..
you can notice them if you look hard enough
They seem both spacey and hyper focused at the same time
their stance as well will seem too slack and too tight at the same time.
The stuff they put in them..the biotech that amplifies brain signal also receives signal
the reception effects their facial nerves..
there's a puppet like stilt  to their expression
and they seem lost .always listening as if some stage director is giving them their lines.
Everything they see and hear is sent to some 'home base'
In the old days it would have  people wearing Google Glass
it's people made into Google Glass

Eileen thought it was her duty to warn the guy that guys who
looked 'app-ed' get whacked .
Maybe it was what the guy wanted.
the guy they called Dumbo standing there literally staring at her as if he was a cowboy at Westworld
she half expected him to next take his shoe off and start talking into it.
It might have been better than watching the guy's lips move saying "found her' to thin air.
and next slapping his head like he forgot that the entire reason for the synthetic telepathy was
to think such things...not say them out loud.

Figuring she needed a way to save the guy from one of his own 'team" from slapping him around till he learned not to
Pinocchio his way around a Rally or  Sit  In
Eileen threw the water balloon she was going to through at Congressman Ken at a lamp post.

The cops were quick to act.
handcuffing her.
While Dumbo did his best to not walk toward the scene of the crime like he was Robocop

"Dude ," Eileen said to the guy they called Dumbo,as the cops walked her to the police van "' next time you come to a demonstration first of all don't dress like an extra from 'Hair'

and with that last remark Eileen watched Dumbo being taken to a second police van by two men no more than 21 years old dressed like what a 70 year old casting director  thought activists dressed like.

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