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Doc Rockers

"Doctor Rockers" will premier on Tuesday December 15th on the new Parasol Channel .The new station will offer round the clock updates on Environmental and Health issues .The first episode of "Doctor Rockers" discusses the health  issues of those  who claim to be affected by neurological  problems caused by their exposure to Electromagnetic Magnetic Fields ,Extreme Low Frequency and Microwaves caused by the proliferation  cell towers, smart meters and wireless appliances in our day to day lives.
  "Doctor Rockers" hosted by Dr Brockus Grant and Dr. Dean Dell* doesn't  hide from the cause and effect of what Dr Dean says  are 'a very small few who are sensitive to these unseen waves' stating that according to recent literature (and a new book printed by Parasol Press) some folks might have sensitive auras and mystic vibration fields that leave them open to  what he calls  'The Emanations".
 Dr. Dean Dell says his parting with the  Emmy award winning  "Is There a Doctor in the House ?" had nothing to do with his  controversial stance on quarantining children whose parents refuse to immunize them in "camps"
Dr Dean Dell explains that  his parting with the network pertained only to contract disputes .

*Dr.Dean Dell came to prominence defending a film director* and several movie producers allegedly involved in a  pedophilia ring with medical testimony that redefined what "child" and thus statutory rape  meant by being amongst the first to  introducing progressive  medical testimony from progressive scientists that DNA and RNA of "some children" scientifically indicated that the defendant's  genetic markers in terms of  age were  contrary to  age based on calendar years.

2014-A man who has accused "Facetaker" and "UNCLE"*director Drew Decker of sexually abusing him when he was a teen  has sued three more entertainment industry figures on Monday claiming they also molested him.The allegations in the latest lawsuits filed by *******   are substantially similar to  the action against Decker  .
Monday's lawsuits were filed in federal court  against Fox television executive ***** , theatre producer ****** and  ******* a television executive with *sney. *** and **

not respond to phone and email messages seeking comment.
***** could not be reached for comment. Phone numbers associated with him have been disconnected, and he did not immediately respond to a message sent through the social networking site LinkedIn.

The lawsuits were filed in Hawaii under a law that temporarily suspends the statute of limitations in civil sex abuse cases.

Decker's attorney calls the allegations defamatory. He has said the director was not in LA when the actor  was abused decades ago.

None of the men have been criminally charged and the statute of limitations for any such charges has passed.

****** the founding programmer at the Fox network, later going on to create programming for The WB, and was a top executive at NBC Entertainment.

****** appeared at a press conference on Monday alongside his mother, who tearfully described her efforts to report alleged abuses to the FBI in 1999 and 2000.

******** wrote several letters to FBI agents in Los Angeles and Washington, DC, urging them to take action. She questioned why those letters and information her son provided in interviews with an agent did not result in criminal charges.

The FBI has said it could not discuss specifically what **** told them ,
the agency denied
 last week that it had ignored any information about ******

******* denied her son's lawsuits were motivated by anything other than holding the defendants accountable.

******* spent several years masking his pain by drinking. He stopped drinking within the past year, entered therapy and sought out a lawyer who would pursue a case.

The AP does not typically name victims of sex abuse but is naming **** because
he  is
publicly about his allegations.

******  's attorney, said he had spent six months investigating before filing the lawsuits but acknowledged he didn't have all the investigative files or *****
records that show the director wasn't in LA during   the time frame

***** claims  he was
lured into "a ring"run by a former digital entertainment company executive, ******** , with promises of auditions for acting, modelling and commercial jobs. He was put on the company's payroll as an actor and forced to have sex with adult men at parties within Hollywood's entertainment industry, the lawsuit said.

pleaded guilty
in 2004   of
transporting  minor across state lines to have sex.*

UNCLE is a 1998 American thriller  directed by Drew Decker  and starring Thad Jenko and Owen Slotkin. It is based on the 1982 novel  'Time of the Season"  by Indis O ' Say. UNCLE takes place in the early 1980's in Southern California where a  high school student named  Nate Wood  (Jenko) discovers  a fugitive Nazi war criminal Karl Dorfman (Slotkin) living in his neighborhood . Wood , obsessed with Nazism  and acts of the Holocaust, persuades Dorfman to share his stories with him or Nate will turn the war criminal over to the authorities
"UNCLE" according to Decker was  "a study in cruelty" with Nazism only serving as a vehicle for the capacity of evil.
During the $14 million production, a lawsuit was filed by several extras who alleged that they were told to strip naked during a shower scene, but the lawsuit was determined to be without merit. The film was released in the United States and Canada in October 1998 to mixed reviews and made less than half it's budget.
An urban legend concerning the film began to surface sometime in 2003 that the film was only shot to see what type of actor would agree to play Nate Wood. And what type of director would choose to film "Time of the Season"

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