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what's your frequency Kenneth?

(1)Tru Christie showed Congressman Ken just one of the many threads about Targeted Individuals on the computer in his office
Congressman Ken said he was  concerned that their  POSTS  didn't come across enough as schizophrenic .
 It was difficult for Ken to use that term THEY
or THEIR when referring to terms of THEIR posts or THEIR anything..
to Congressman Ken and others involved in various so called "Brain Requsitive" projects
early on THEY were instructed not to think of the subjects as human
but as Husks...
and  Collateral Damage ...The Brain Requisistive was above all about Mining
Mind Mining..
Mining of any kind left the terrain
Just as one was "sentimental " and soft for remarking upon ecology or even the wreckage of once beautiful landscapes now left pocked and ransacked
One who thought of a Human test subject as any thing other than property
was taking the wrong attitude about benefits outweighing the costs of one or a million or so
Just the same the remarks by the Targeted Individuals were adding up..
 and Congressman Ken was concerned that too much information was out there in the press about some aspects of the technology
and was concerned some reporter...or some so called "concerned citizen" or insider with weak compassion might come forward and subsidize the Targeted individuals claims

Tru Christie ,a CEO at one of the outsourced firms procured to develop Neuro technologies
once again put Congressman Ken 's apprehension at ease explaining once more that
Neuro technology especially created to entrain another's mind
about as close to  active deniability
one could get ...

"It's fool proof..YOU might know what these Guinea Pigs are typing about
 and I might know what these human lab rats are going on about
 but c'mon...I mean really sometimes I wonder -'What's Your Frequency Kenneth"?

"In the late 1960's William Harvey and George Daniels, were sentenced to six and ten years at hard labor," Tru Christie said ," for speaking against the war in their barracks.
Private Ken Stolte was sentenced to four years for distributing a leaflets against the Vietnam War..
Their punishment  backfired was covered by the press ..But  what we're working on here Kenneth is not
you forget people KNEW what a Vietnam War was ..
does anyone aside from US and these Targets  know what Psychotronics are? If A.I. is discussed it's always 5 years away..
whatever information is online about Synthetic Telemetry
Bioteletry is Unclassified..15 years away..The other way.
20 years ago.
the tech is unseen..
it has no name.
when people were protesting the Vietnam war PEOPLE understood there was a WAR
there was a definable place with longitudes and latitudes.
this "war" this "remaking of America' and the "world at large"
has only silly names..
what's the first image that comes to mind when I say Tomato Kenneth?"
"red"  Congressman  Ken said.
"What's the first word the first image that comes to mind when I say 
Mind Control?"Tru Christie asked
"Crazy" the congressman said
"what are these Targeted Individuals writing about here.. do they come off.
exactly like we wanted and expected them to
.writing about 'Paper Dragons" nobody but they see or hear.
.writing about waves frying them from the inside out
 but in their very own homes.."Tru Christie said to Kenneth.
Congressman Ken breathed a sigh of relief and polished off his scotch

" Tru Christie said ,filling Congressman Ken's glass" During the height of the Vietnam War to soldiers named William Harvey and George sympathy for  being detractors of the war.
Detractors of whatever the political milieu was .We cannot let that ever happen again.The Vietnam war was not lost over there but over here.You imprison a protestor what have you got ...a Martyr . what do you have when you got Targeted Individuals being doused with microwaves have disfigurement number one..NOT something the youngins will want to emulate..Second ,you have a bunch of people who not only sound crazy but who you are actually driving crazy ..Again not something "the youngins" are going to want to wear in their hair..  Active Denial Weapons assures the nation that the dissident will not receive sympathy or martyrdom for their views which run counter to public policyby placing the Ruiner not in a jail or a  torture chamber one can observe . Active Denial weapons as their definition suggests work because  these weapon's very action invisible waves...neuo-displacement .perception alteration by beam can easily not only deny but won't even have to as the mere explanation of their action sounds insane..When I say 'I hear Voices Ken..what image comes to mind..Psychotronic Weapons ..or Crazy Talk  . .
Electronic harassment is the ultimate Active Denial Weapon imaginable as it uses electromagnetic waves to harass it's target .Psychotronic weapons created to interfere with one's brain signals make use of electric fields and the microwave effect can transmit sounds and thoughts into the minds of it's target ,Often this weapon  causes the target to act out and this  does not induce sympathy in others but fear and repulsion . .
Hand's Off weapons created to effect another's mind state have the added benefit of not only derailing sympathy towards the victim but of triggering added hostility in the victim that might cause the target to act out especially when the Target can find no respite ,cure and most of all a sympathy. Nobody believes them Kenneth..and if they did..who cares...Last I checked the consensus is that if it ain't happening to doesn't matter...

Tru Christie 
told Congressman Ken" might
sound crass
 but if one wants to make comparisons ...Let's look at what was taking place in Germany in the 1930's..
The sheer scale of the operation
the sheer gall
 so utterly
 broke with the public's provincial notions of  Morality,Decency or Humanity
as predicted
worked in the State's favor

state realized the limits of mass comprehension...of certain actions the State Owed it's people
The government helped the masses not be overwhelmed
or burdened
 by necessary maneuvers within the state
 that LET the population not be nor feel complicit .
THIS nobody appreciates

Tru Christie poured Congressman Ken a drink and lead him to the 4 computer terminal he always kept on and asked Ken to look at several scrolls
"what does it read like -when a Targeted Individual tries to "type back" /fight back"
when a TI writes about an unseen THEY. A THEM online?
the equivalent of a
a sandwich board
 he might wear on a curbside.
a variation of "THIS IS THE END" written on a cardboard.

"what is the THIS you carry on about  -which is the END someone might ask?
if the protester is lucky.

usually someone ,especially a group of people who are being persecuted ..injured etc...have, at the very least going for them and their protest
 some kind of public awareness
on his or her side.

so whomever sees their
their post
 their protest.
has some idea what  the THIS in Their Sign or Post  is
but not a TI

who  speaks of a  THEM nobody knows about
but a THIS as well


Evan turns down the is the New Deal he has imparted.
IF I begin slowly
UNDERSTANDING the reasons this technology must be used on RUINERS and also on test subjects
My Team can ease up on the Brain Link
and the Pain that the Direct Energy causes upon my internal organs

IF I begin sometimes working with them ..instead of against them
IF I often let myself be driven not by my own Thoughts but the ones placed upon me
and let myself
be steered ...

"like a drone ..." I think ," like Human Drone.." I think but quickly try to undo the thought ..Unthink it.Evan has made a deal..
The Interface will "let up" IF I sometimes let myself be

I check myself
I am worried..
A Proxy cannot even think for a moment He is anything but what they think of him as -
a Husk..
to even think to myself and thus AT them
will disgust them..

I try doing times tables... 7 x 4 =28
                                         7x 5= 35
                                         7 x 6 = 42

I'm sorry ..I'm sorry//I'm sorry I think
                                         7 x 7 =49
                                          7x 8 ...

I pause and tune in to sense what retribution I might receive for my inadvertent "graph'
I might be THEIRS
as this has implications ....a Mandler does not want to focus upon..
that they are IN ME
that when one goes into another's mind one cannot avoid all that goes with the nervous system being attached to the skin on is in..
I feel I am trapped now... 7x 9...7 x10.7x11
I must have "DONE IT" deliberately
purposely made my Mandlers THINK of things a Mandler cannot stand thinking..

what I have thought is just as bad as looking in the mirror doing a Deep Learning exercise.
or whatever they are calling it now..

"The Facetaker" dreams took care of much this..

I almost pray for induced nightmares to teach me a lesson THINKING disturbing things
either at My Mandlers or to myself..
there is little difference
I graph that I deserve pain..for the pain will teach me
I wait for a familiar jolt of sharp pain on the top of my head or arm

but what I hear is just My team moving full speed ahead PAST my own thoughts .and for once.
....."so you might begin to understand WHY it is not such a bad thing doing this to someone who does not KNOW
"How to Be"
so WE might be able to
TRACK potential RUINERS not with intrusive Mind Encoding but just very quick
scan that can detect
certain patterns of THINK
that might NEED monitoring..

I lose track of the tether.The Ativan I take to fight the tether seems to be in a race with the Neurotech
to subdue or halt or destroy my mind..

Evan has encouraged me to throw away the pills.
and to begin showing my respect for the communion.
by also by helping Proxy Cyber
by demonstrating How I am Coming Around to the RIGHT SIDE
and considering how the people also involved in this journey to creating amazing
algorithms that can one day help others with Autism or Locked -In Syndrome
and also be used to stop terrorists

Evan graphs that people putting down Neurotronic Intervention
and research
are basically terrorists..
that The Targeted individuals so called Movement
is now being thought of by some as Terroristic in nature.
because  Dumbo IF "this tech" IF- IT ACTUALLY EXISTED
and "your communion" was not simply with ENTITIES supernatural in nature
wouldn't YOU and also these other Human lab rats  be typing about technologies that nobody is supposed to know about?
and even if the technology was killing them .
should  a TRUE PATRIOT not want  to be used as collateral damage to perfect such odd  weapons so these THEORHETICAL  weapons .
 cannot be used by GENUINE ENEMIES.
Evan explains that even the people who were injected with Plutonium by researchers
were glad to die for their nation
BECAUSE the data the researchers gained from Human testing HELPED save millions of lives..
(when I graph back that this is not so..if anyone got contaminated with Plutonium they all would none the less die..I feel a shot of pain through my spine..and worry I am thinking wrong..

to not think wrong

to barely think at all  )


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