Wednesday, August 5, 2015

but than again..
.it was only a wish
..that Congressman Ken and those like him were read
 like me.

.except read
 by something a little Greater than a Blue Beam..

but than again men and women like Congressman Ken could not afford to think beyond Blue Beams or they could not create such things.

it was people like me
people they studied to 'Never Again" my kind

who believed in Higher Power
that existed without Wire

nor wireless.

Only because  -belief in something besides Masters and Rulers _
according to those of "such class'
was all
'the masses" could turn to
for opiate..

and because of this ODD predisposition of  man
to REACH towards something

The Masters could not
quite take away
The Masters of Men decided they must
create all matter of discord
and myth and movies
to re -attenuate the minds of masses
further rand further away from

anything beyond their control

(2)and the Voice says out of nowhere
 but to explain this as nowhere is to explain this wrong

"and never has a man explained something quite as wrong as You"

"How can there being something wrong about being New Ways to see...and new characters to be...?"

it is the voice of a new TV.

one that takes inside it..

am I to suppose one must first be broken down into pixel and signal to get inside such a thing..


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