Saturday, August 29, 2015

if one thinks of themselves as a TI he or she will be treated as such

I am asked to corrspond to the man who has taken a  Youtube   video made to help participants understand and also be encouraged to remove his tag line that dismisses the video's merit .Days ago i asked nicely that they remove their "tag line" from the video which IS NOT THEIRS..and recived angry Private Messages that "many have wondered if anyone would come forward to admit they are responsible for making ...this video..and if it is I who initially created the video...I write that I am not at liberty to disclose my associations but i am at liberty to insist they remove their tag line that seems purposed to sway the viewers perpcetion of what the video is trying to say..that the video is to appease those who call themselves Targeted Individuals ..I receive back an unprintable text saying "I am a F*cking perp...and NO WAY will I listen to someone who respects and is probably PART OF Gangstalking ..I try to remain civil as I was taught USE REASON instead of emotion to in fact HELP Participants in this project to THINK in a non reactive manner to their perceived injustices ...this is NOT by definition HOW a RUINER THINKS spite of their Mentoring to MOVE THEM AWAY from RUINER THINKING that ONLY pertains to SELF rather than SELFLESSNESS...this type (The Ruiner)cannot help but GOAD others (myself included...but NOT for long ) into believing my Mentoring with Advanced Technology (or whatever one CHOOSES to THINK ABOUT their Tether) is WRONG..(WHY were we TOLD NOT to THINK about this as TECHNOLOGY ..NOT to FOOL US but to BE LESS AFFIXED to SOURCE and THEREFORE one could or should be blamed for this ..something are beyond the individuals so called CIVIL RIGHTS concerning the greater GOOD of the Species OF COURSE a RUINER cannot understand THIS....we know by one .Year by year I have watched Participants CHOOSE to labelt hemselves TARGETS! and INDOCTRINATE OTHERS who are simply looking for answers in all the wrong places (online ,in books ,in videos ect..) Most PARTICIPANTS were ASKED NOT to SCREW UP their Tether by getting LOST in LUDDITE lametations..I have watched one or two bad apples try to RUIN everytrhing for EVERYBODY brainwashing Participants in The New Way to think of themselves as Human Guinea Pigs. and therefore all but FORCE their TEAMS to TREAT THEM AS SUCH.... a scary -so called- "gang stalking "recruitment  video? are angels gangstalkers ..would space aliens be considered gangstalkers if they communed with you or someone you knew or loved to guide them to places they could otherwise not go?..are angels and aliens or those raised to higher levels through Union with Entites be they Synthetic or Celestrial Gang Stalkers or Change Agents? The tool that allows this unique intervention Mind to Mind Mind to Mediation is not the point ..So called 'Targets Individuals" are testing New Communication Systems and bring trouble upon themselves putting down something new being created .There is no place for detractors in the New Way .Detractors waited on hand and foot by the unique "Service Provider"only demonstrate their inability to evolve beyond Provintialism by dismissing the project out of hand and attempting to lure others being in fact re-parented and re-attenutated and enhanced by the intrusion/Detractors or what we call Ruiner entice other mentees to bad mouth the endevor and think of themsleves as test subjects and Targeted Individuals .This "type" regardless of their tether to a New Communications System are people that ONLY wish to condemn The New Way and therefore make themselves victims.

Dear Jim or whatever your name is .OF COURSE they use FAGGOTS to promote Flextech Agendas...Faggots don't even KNOW who they're SUPPOSED to F*ck!
Time they walk the plank, take a dirt nap, get 86'd, talk a long walk of a short pier Mr Perp.Mr F*aggot Gang stalker, Go play on a freeway, go choke on a chicken bone, slip in the shower down the stairs out the door down the driveway into the middle of the road in 5 o'clock traffic in front of the metro bus, --》

Hey Mister Fag Perp..Flextech Flag Waver its easy to make a microwave YOU watch out for the Targeted Individuals who will one day fry YOU and show no mercy Faggot. if you look up the history of these weapons they first used it on native americans for experimentation in a completely genocidal manner. don't let Mr Faggot Flextech fool you who probably owns shares in Direct Energy and Neuroweapons I can tell just by the way he types he is a fag and a jew moneychanger. What his type gets off on is hurting people .Look what his kind does in Israel to Palestine don't let this douchebag go convicting you that you are Participants instead of Lab Rats ..They usually wait for you to go to sleep before they heat you, when they radiate your sleep. They sit with their high tech computers and satellites beaming you into a fog and control your dream .Ever wonder why Jews and Faggots control the land of dreams which is Hollywood? Because Jews and Fags want everyone to be Jew and Fag like them...Hollywood and Tv is all about Mind Control and Mind Tech is about making people see Tv in their dreams .. Don't let these fascists control your life. Stand in impenetrable unity for freedom, liberty and justice for all..All these perps want is to put neurotech in our bodies so they can feel what it is like not to be depraved sick sh*ts like them .Of course the NEED to use Mind Reading technology on Genuine people with hearts and REAL souls to at least feel what it is like NOT to be the 1970's biological weapons were mandatorily used against what they call the poor and people they were afraid of who thought for themselves by more than 80 institutions in order to maintain cyclical work for the middle and upper class. if you are a T.I that means you have been targeted for poverty because your world view is a threat to the Jew Fags who rule the world ..
I expect such responses .THIS is how RUINERS deal with anyone who attempts to CORRECT them with infantilism and hate..
and they have to ASK why am I a T.I.?
Let me explain IT never starts out as the Participant being treated badly..
YES it is invasive and strange at the start ..ONLY to MAN the Participant UP
so they are strong enough to DEAL with the New Way.
it is than UP TO THEM to either understand THRESHOLD TESTING that HAS to be done to PAY for their MENTORSHIP..
in essence the Participant is given a FREE RIDE..a FREE LUNCH ...a free spin on the most amazing technology ever created.
IF they turn against it..OF COURSE we must defend our selves AND the new product
which ONLY a certain TYPE is afraid of..
ANYONE who FEARS their MIND being read ...
even before most of those were made participant the ones who CHOOSE to condemn the Process
condemned EVERYTHING outside of their own private mindset.
This TYPE is like a Bee that refuses to WORK with the other bees and JUST DO what THEY WANT
not caring at all that this behavior will end the species of BEE.
I have no regard for a man or woman who wishes to kill off their own species which needs to progress with Co Conscious Thinking.
Of course so called TI speak big about world consciousness however ask them to REALLY participate in developing technology to ENSURE the survival of their species ..and what do you get?
OWWW your hurting me! Targeting ME...
when TINE and effort is taken to for instance create a story or Blog ...or video which can help place their Participation in perspective
to them .To Ruiner .this too-OF COURSE is taken as yet more MIND CONTROL.
many Ruiners Are Solvable but many ..(like those whose POSTS I reprinted. )Are most often than not UNRESOLVABLES..

and THIS judgment indeed is based on Science...
and their Readings provided by the Neurotech.

.NOT as THEY might like you to believe because of Creed ,religion ,ethnicity..
this reckoning has to do with INTERIOR INTENT maneuvered for OUTWARD inspection.
OF COURSE they are terrified to be inspected in this way
THEY have nowhere to hide their TRUE NATURE ...
the posts in fact demonstrate WHAT WE ARE WORKING WITH here...
imagine the HORRIBLE BRAIN SIGNALS and how this EMIITANCE effects the invisible though tangible electromagnetic field..whether  "tethered" with Neurotech or not

we all are polluted by..
WHY not JUDGE and REMOVE the MOLD and disease of Signal that RUINERS have inflicted upon the Neural Highway for thousands maybe millions of years..
RUINERS fear Science that measures Inner Monologue
RUINERS abhor any ideology that is science based
they run to ideologies based on bedtime stories...and men with big beards in clouds
Scienc e-ideology oF COURSE terrifies them

it is no use WARNING them that it would and will be in their best interest NOT to keep the video UP unless his Tag is removed form someone else's intellectual property. The ONLY thing most RUINERS seem to understand is action and intimidation.One need not look very far but a post from those involved in The New Way to understand WHY certain tactics must be used upon (Not as THEY post AGAINST) Participants who ONLY choose to SEE things ONE WAY..Ruiners care little for seeing anything from any context that is not focused upon 'The Me of Things" rather "Than the We of Things".The Many always win over the few.BECAUSE it is THE FEW it is the the Ruiners amongst us that care only to herd themselves AWAY from Progressive Experience.

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