Sunday, August 2, 2015

smart meter

 (1)I go back down stairs ..
XXXX is asleep I pull a chair up to the Smart Meter and sit in the chair.
In less than 2 minutes I feel sick
I force myself to sit there any for about 2 more minutes ignoring Evan
it is Evan who made me get used to Slow Kill and I now just want it to go faster.

After 5 or so minutes I can't take being near the smart meter anymore
but I am glad it has made me sick I have to get away from this
from this testing .or I will have no soul left to take me into heaven

I decide I will go down to the smart meter every other day
and speed up whatever the Psychotronic  Imbue has already done to my body



Psychotronic weapon is defined as the brain nervous system of the human organism, targeted individual, being affected. They can override, mimic, and disrupt the brains normal electrical activity. Today there is multiple ways to accomplish this from Psychotronic, directed energy weapons (DEW), to microscopic computer chips based on nanotechnology. Growing out of earlier government mind control research programs such as MKULTRA, and government suppression-of-dissent programs such as COINTELPRO, today's mind control is covert, finely crafted, around the clock harassment perpetrated against citizens living in their homes and communities.Northrop has a technology and a go ahead to augment a soldiers conscious mind, and threat assessment, by accessing the soldier's subconscious mind. Using a computer interface what the subconscious mind perceives verses what the conscious mind perceives will be analyzed, and the discrepancy will be relayed to the soldier's conscious mind. A very general example to convey this capability would be as you sit in a chair and watch TV you have lost a lot of awareness, detail, of you surroundings. If the system was engaged it would alert you to movement, or what perceived threat your subconscious mind has registered and your conscious mind has not, at that point the computer would alert your conscious mind. Northrop refers to it as HORNET (Human-aided Optical Recognition/Notification of Elusive Threats). "HORNET leverages the latest advances in real-time coupling of human brain activity with automated cognitive neural processing to provide superior target detection," says Michael House, Northrop exec in charge of brain-hat blackhat-detector kit. As a soldier sweeps his surroundings in the hostile combat zones of 2012, "a custom helmet equipped with electroencephalogram electrodes placed on the scalp" will be checking what his subconscious mind makes of what it is seeing. At this point you quickly begin to become comfortable with not only the terminology, capabilities, and existence, but also unlike this non invasive product what invasive techniques have produced that were in total disregard for the well being of the unwitting victims.
The pentagon calls this mind reading technology SYNTHETIC TELEPATHY, although there is nothing paranormal about it at all. To the CIA and N.S.A. "MIND CONTROL" means influencing the behavior of an individual, and creating or remolding victims personality towards desired state. This information can be a help not only explaining why the terminology that is used was develop many times many decades ago, but how easy it is to leverage it against the victim when used out of context. The the term mind control was created by the intelligence departments in the 1950's. Today there is not only an understanding, and ability to effect human beings brains in these ways, but there is an understanding, and ability how to glean and interrupt the brains activity. Typified by Newsweek's Cover Story 1/3/2000, interview with Lockheed Martin's neuroscientist Dr. Norseen in the next to last paragraph the Pilot is told ninety degrees, but thinks eighty degrees in a noninvasive way the computer picks up the mistake .What needs to be kept in mind is that it is the less than ethical that have continually used unwitting victims. Exponentially more data "brain activity" can be gleaned invasive, although there is harm to the human organism.
The need for microscopic computer implants in conducting synthetic telepathy against targeted persons is no longer necessary, some consider it obsolete. Rather, a system of subliminal, subconscious, wireless microwave remote control is used today against targeted individuals suffering from synthetic telepathy harassment. Synthetic Telepathy is used for conducting torture training and/or experimentation against people as red herring "good cop/bad cop" or tough love acting, diversions.. The technologies they employ can pick up the private thoughts given by individuals in the vibrations produced by the brains electrical impulses, and these thoughts can be broadcast by means of microwave transceivers, infrasound and ultrasound transceivers, satellites, and any other form of technology which uses electromagnetic transfer. Operators can broadcast the emotions and silent words of the victims of synthetic telepathy against the victims will, to anyone the synthetic telepathy torturers choose. They also have the power to block or censor any emotions and words of their victims which they do not want to be broadcast. The synthetic telepathy spies can also place their own criminal or antisocial, negative emotions and words into their victims by means of subliminal, subconscious, remote control microwave brainwashing technology. They can change the voice behind their words so as to make it appear that it is the targeted victim and not perpetrators who are communicating by means of synthetic telepathy, clearly explained by today's technologies. They can also store emotions and silently thought words onto a supercomputer memory bank which they can rebroadcast at a later time.

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