Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Often by the 3rd or 4th year the subject's emotional state will correspond more to electronic stimuli concerning mood and sleep patterns than to external stimuli as the subject's social  and financial resources dwindle .By now the subject has tried many combinations of psychotropic medicines to "stop the voices and visions" to no avail .Talk therapy as well has gone nowhere. The subject stops speaking about their tether to friends or family who "have tried to believe he or she".
A good mentor will take advantage of this resentment and stoke the subject to condemn any and all who do not understand nor appreciate their situation. A mentor might segue the subject's anger into rage with or without the application of  asymmetric high frequency fields to initiate "a time out" at a mental facility as to reestablish "paper trail" of the subject's instability .To further render the subject's affect toward visible symptomology of "sluggish schizophrenia " one should apply electromagnetic pulsed interval upon the subject's nervous system to cause  both "phantom pain" and malaise. An uninformed  clinician will assume the subject's "gripes"to be secondary symptoms of thought disorder.
 The mentor will need to reaffirm convincingly that the study of interface between man and machine is worth the burden .Reaffirm that you have made the right choice of selecting the subject  as the subject  understands now and has helped "his team" comprehend  how this technology could be used upon a human organism by hostile nations etc. If need be one might introduce a sympathetic ear or "knowing third party" in the guise of Street Theater .The Street Theater should  serve the purpose of reminding the subject how important the subject is to require these lengths of Heighten Reality necessary for  covert operations. Often a simple smile or thumbs up from Placed Person can reorient the subject toward "a sense of play" and also remind the subject they have value .

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