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“.... we needed ‘objects.’” he said. “We watched the instructors carrying out the test on humans to show us how a person dies. "
  said he first witnessed a test involving certain weapons ... he said. “We watched the instructors carrying out the test on humans to show us how a person dies. I saw it with my own eyes.”
Valerie Prentis  stood upon the stage ,she liked using the old theater on Parasol Picture's lot for many of her lectures on "Placed Personage" ,"This is the last time I hope any of you will think of acting or staging or thespianism outside of these four walls .The one mistake a Placed Person  can never make is to act .For if a Placed Person acts The Placed Person doing such obvious acting might truly learn what it means in theatrical speak "to break a leg...or maybe a knee cap"..
.Do I make myself clear?" Valerie asked the auditorium filled with actors who had been conscripted by Parasol Pictures to "do their part" for this and several other intertwined industries off grid and off stage.

In the spotlight Valerie altered her visage toward something akin to she had in previous lectures seen spectacle of  dozens of potential Placed People literally try to run out of the locked fire exits.and just two weeks before witnessed  a pack of Male Models trample over a 3 Ingénues, one of which he had pegged to "play " Adam Parker's wife.The potential placed people now seated and contained  Valerie swing the lecture away from 'what could happen" to "what should happen " if one is deemed fit to "Stalk " and apply 'Rendition-ed Role Play" upon a Targeted Individual who needed proper stimulus.
 'The aura of the subject is more universal than you think but every tag ....every subject...every target has it's own set of triggers and it is our job  and your job to not only find these triggers but aim with a steady hand .It is our job and your job as Placed Persons in a Targeted individuals' life to calculate just when a screw might best be next made Turn of the Screw.Or maybe your initial role might not be or SEEM that important might wrongly assume a "walk on speaking part" is of little consequence to the subject or the team and that's where you would be wrong . One little cue at the right time ..visual or verbal can mean the difference between a Target having a good day or a bad day.For instance ..suppose you went into a Coffee Shop and everyone in line at the Coffee Shop gave you a stink eye look ...and next when you went up to the barista he or she not only gave you such a look but also a yawn ..or a grunt..and NEXT only half filled your cup... perhaps you might ask for more coffee 'Can I Have some more ?"
and this time the look you receive is glaring the coffee poured rather deliberately to the very brim...
separate these incidents  might not add up to much but together we have SCENE ONE for the Targeted Individual  Scene 2..?..perhaps outside the coffee House a bicyclist "accidently" knocks into you "after apologizing with a nice"Look where you're going you fuckin' kunt" running all down your dress or sport's jacket..

,every little face ,every little word every little gesture adds up you see...? There is no such thing as a small role when one works in our version of The Community Theater. Your role may be verbal might be asked to simply shout a phrase that means nothing to you but means a lot to the target.You might be asked to wear a clothing that might "go with " the Cue you were asked to impart to the subject..One problem we often have with our troupe' of  players is the ask too many questions assume you have all had your share of work on stage ,in film at a photo shoot..and knew well enough to not ask the director or photographer too many distracting questions ..assuming the director or manager will explain what mark you are to stand on etc...all an actor is know their lines  and know their mark.,the producer ,the writer of the script really doesn't give a shit what  memory  you might hack into. to perform ..Christ I don't think most directors would care if your performance was interfaced through via  a  Brain Computer Interface .in fact Parasol Pictures demands such in their new contracts..,"Valerie was losing herself...saying too much...the lingering effects of being inside  that Junkie Girl's mind too long before lunch...for a moment Valerie had to re-attentuate herself to those in the theater who had scored High Sociopath on their Neuronautic Neural Reads..

too many Placed Person forget their place they..ask too many questions ,they have a desire to know what impetuous they have for saying something or "dressing the part"..Our Group Theater is not a training camp for your  aspirations to have your own sitcom or Reality Show. Our Community theater mauevers are about inciting  a Target's distress and introducing the Target to the notion that  (a) people are deliberately messing with he or she" -why? -so they might begin talking about these odd coincidences occurring -in a fashion that discredits  and diminishes them  The target should be made aware  that these  placed people in or on the periphery of their lives HAVE inside information pertaining to their private lives ,private thoughts and even private CUES that some of these  human subjects have been inscribed with since their childhood. Your job as Placed People  is to learn how to annunciate and conduct your self in such a manner that evokes an assumed reaction in the Target"sometimes this reaction is stimulated by spoken " lines" or simply your presence For instance  a Placed Person might be asked to.wear a bolo tie that just "happens to be the same bolo tie that the subject's great uncle wore whenever that Uncle might have been called in to "fiddle about" with the young target  now older target...
Your job as "an extra" as a a change agent- is not simply about "acting" but being stand -in symbolically as exactly what the subject needs to see or hear ..or perhaps- the last thing the person wants to hear or to induce the target ,the subject to have to contemplate ,ruminate or regress toward or away from the insinuated /referentce YOU as an actor in the Group theater must evoke in the subject's eyes ,ears and thus mind the right cue.

  What makes an optimal .Cuer?
NOT KNOWING ,not questioning WHY one is supposed to say something ,wear something  or 'Be " a type of somebody so the Target might garner a reaction....Placed person is cast to be in a crowd scene ?To stand out as the Target's primary caregiver ....their "mum" ,their Auntie  because the actor ,the Placed Person we have chosen has the right attributes to remind the Target of such?  Maybe the Placed person has similar physical attributes  or a similar  tone of voice..Maybe the Placed Person is a "go -getter" and  goes out of their way not simply listening to a recording  of the  Target's parental care giver's  inflection and cadence but wishing to "do more' with "the part. What inevitably  happens is  one inevitably will begin putting their own spin on the part they have been asked to play.

 Case in point a Member  of the Community Theater was once asked to mimic a sound and tonal quality of a a woman in her mid 30;s meant to evoke in the Target memories of a specific trauma in the target's past,nothing more nothing less.The .actress asked to voice whatever lines the subject needed to have said to him in order to regress the Targeted toward infantilism or at the very least a dissociative state due  to an incited incident that occurred during his  early child hood  some how got her hands on the target's' personal files ...and photographs of the target's mother whom she was to play and decided to wear a pink cardigan and grey skirt she had seen the target's mother wear in a particular  photo...not realizing that the cue associated  with this photo- (NEVER mind what "phrase" or countenance she was asked to project. )actually was one of the target's  few enacted  cues initiated upon the target toward integrated self  .This  uniform/costume  and persona  the stylized mother figure wore days prior to the initiated  trauma was  meant to heighted the extremity of the trauma  when  "mother figure" meant to be reintroduced into the target's  mind  was wearing the butterscotch yellow sundress she was asked to wear.would be shattered .The subject who was supposed to be re traumatized...and hence not get the job at our competitor's firm ...did not miss the CUE...but got mixed cues from "the placed person" assuming the more she did and thus the more she knew the better..,which obviously was not the case.

"I don't understand " said a timid thin upheld hand connecting she supposed to a timid thin want to be starlet...using the Placed Person Program to "get in the door"

"My point exactly Miss" Valerie said.."My point exactly"

 Often person is asked to play a much larger role in the subject's life as a confidant  or love interest ,a bully at the workplace or apartment , a secretary or /personal assistant ,a maid who at first must present as beyond  reproach so he or she can in a more heightened manner begin  slowly  unstitching the fabric of the target's life.A placed person is usually given a script/dossier of the target's sympathies ,preferences differentials   but is it the placed person's job as an actor to seal the deal and make the subject FEEL as if their "just happening to be just  the RIGHT ONE at just THE RIGHT TIME" is fate...was /is - as they say "in the stars"...
Thus one can not "play the part of Star" or "thespian" without giving themselves away. One must remember that being a Placed Person is not about acting but reacting (granted with SOME forehand knowledge of the target's thought styles, aspirations. expectations   ....but none of this foreknowledge can seem scripted.  hence being  Placed People is about" putting  on a show" for ONE..
.for the ONE who cannot know he or she is "the audience ,the mark,,the scripts have been written for nor that the Target is the screen one is  transmitting and ,projecting upon..
.everything that occurs between you and your Target happens in real time ...and most of your "playing " must be or at least seem spontaneous essence every moment you spend playing whatever role you were asked to ...will be  improvised
you must constantly be-  whatever the out come of your being in this person's life calls for= all the while remaining focused on what out comes you the placed person has been placed to see to .

Often the responses we desire have strictly to do with brain research...
How does a demographic type react to loss,love  financial gain, detection ,financial ruin and so forth.

some of our subject's homes have been fitted with all matter of recording devices...and some of target's mind have spiked with rather more elaborate means of such device.

Often the Placed person  is not told if it is he  or she 's role to react with a person whose nervous system /brain  has been laced the bio tech
Yet the placed person should always be aware that many of the subject's functions if "app-ed" with neural prosthetics  is to  provide second to second mind to mind or mind or brain computer interface. For Brain Map studies.
 the target may or may not be aware of the interface ...
often the placed  gal pal or love interest ,maid,employer etc is there to
watch he organism become aware that they ....have been "app-ed"...for scientific studies involving  Mind Science
so researchers  might discover how certain types/demographics  respond to
voice data image induction ..hearing voices,sees things ...having  thoughts not his or her own..
adapt and
might explain and or attempt to mask their synthetic madness

Synthetic Telepathy .

'It might be your job to egg the person on that you believe the Target has been taken over by Entities or angels or aliens
or to simply wring your hands and shake your head "oh where oh where has my baby gone"style
to further stress the Target
the subject's Tele -Presence 
 the he or she that now manipulates the targets' nervous system mind and perceptions might  cause the Target to "get aggressive with you." to precipitate the target to be committed  to  a mental institution or jail
for a long enough  period of the Target and the Tele -Presence  have time to get to know each other
and the Target may 'adapt to their "New Normal" a hospitalization
and a break down
provide the subject's "team" with alibi
so few people are aware of this technology  that most drs...lawyers etc ..assume the target is simply Un-sane
this covers all of our bases
just in case day some pipsqueak Woodward Bernstein type wants-"a Big Story"
in the end "everything eventually "get's out" ...THUS we must be speedy in our gaining all matter of neural data before the inevitable "go getter" reporter /lawyer/whistleblower..
blow s our bidding contracts..

just as often the studies are merely academic," Valerie said ,' and not vindictive,,'Sociological studies  in terms of
...studying for instance how long a man or woman keeps the water running while brushing their teeth...while thoughts are inducted into the subject's mind that "this activity is unethical and grounds for reprisal concerning the unwanted interface
and also some neural acquisition is census like in ...regards to 'what Thought Style f9or instance
 keeps and eats  perishable food...after a date marked upon the food's packaging ..also
what colors and logos the Proxy responds to on tv and also what expressions on a genuine person cause the subject to signal in a certain way so television can best
recreate this stimuli.

often the theme changes mid way and the subject's interface becomes all about involuntary long term commitment or suicide 
often this is the case if the target
 for instance begins writing to the wrong congressmen... about psychotronic  and A.I.testing

or baiting fortune 500 companies involved in the  insider of everything  trading with these advanced technologies
sometimes  the targeted you are asked to adhere for the companies  that created the "apps"..and programs concerning advanced technologies 
a competitor  in the Mind Augment "game"
and has ideas at might come in handy..
without fail these scientists have already been 'app-ed" by their own firm
for intellectual property and security reasons
.it might be your job to direct your feigned emotions toward... assuaging  the Target's thinking in a manner..that best hops frequency.
convolutes their very  brain signal and thus "lock".
this goes way beyond  a Placed Person using  your charms to best direct the dupe to "feel free" discussing things he is not supposed to discuss
the target  has already being "app-ed" by his or her company .
very interesting for the Placed person
who has their work cut out for them as it becomes the Placed person's job than to...satisfy and thus alter  their target's every  emotive  every emittance
to provoke .in the Target's literal brain structure not just sense but a  genuine  re-attenuation of neural baseline
a "Born Again" feeling and thus "Born Again" reset of the Target's primary "coding"..
the placed person than must reach beyond  false fronts of love and tenderness to
alter the target  in such a way
.no potions tricks
...that can be automatically detected by the Target's service provider
and in this interim
.a second set of apps...can be addendum -ed
 to the target to quickly absorb the  Target's thoughts
 the subject's primary owner catches on

There have been eyewitness accounts more detailed and gruesome than this. “We have had credible witness testimony that human experimentation has occurred,, but we do not have substantiation yet,” Greg Scarlatoiu, executive director of the Committee for Human Rights,told The Daily Beast on Tuesday. Military analyst Joe Bermudez notes there probably has been “low-level lethal on unwilling human subjects” for some time.
Many hope we will see a smoking gun soon.

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