Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Boys

The "Hey Little Mister " Psychology Studies
of the  Frequency Allocation Committee


Not until recently have these hidden camera and camera studies been available to the public concerning important Social Experiments done on a wide range of children given staged childhoods so researchers could best understand how and why we become who we are .The now disclosed films and audio tapes of Timmy and Tony Tannenbaum  are a must for any psychologist or anyone interested in studies on nature vs nurture as  many of the techniques used in Monarch Programming  would be strongly frowned upon in today's social and political environment .

The films made with hidden cameras in "the boys" Timmy and Tony's bedroom come with descriptive text during "silent time" when the camera might be heard . In 1972 Timmy and Tony were introduced to some of the very first holograms using expensive hidden projection devices both with and without what is often referred to as Silent Sound ! to discover if induced  synthetic psychosis symptoms might create organic psychogenic pathology in the twins .Other films include Timmy being sent to school in a halter top for two weeks and Tony being placed in a closed coffin for 3 hours by his Placed Parental figure ( the miniature cameras placed in the coffin were some of the first to read 'light less' environments using thermal imaging!)  The run time of this collection is 12 hours  and 30 minutes.

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