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Suit Alleges Bayer Role in Holocaust Experiments

Courts: Class-action filing charges that German pharmaceutical giant aided medical atrocities of Mengele.

February 18, 1999

In the latest front of Holocaust-related litigation, a federal class-action suit was filed Wednesday on behalf of survivors of Nazi death camps, alleging that Bayer AG, the giant German-owned chemical and pharmaceutical company, participated in cruel medical experiments by the infamous Dr. Josef Mengele.
The suit, filed by a group of lawyers already involved in a spate of other Holocaust-related litigation, alleges that Bayer "monitored and supervised those experiments, and used them as a form of research and development for its corporate benefit."
The suit would open a new front in the rapidly growing field of Holocaust-related lawsuits. Existing suits have alleged that companies profited indirectly from Nazi actions--banks that allegedly hid assets stolen from victims, for example. Other suits have alleged that major German companies, including Daimler-Chrysler, Volkswagen, BMW and Siemens, used slave labor drafted from concentration camps--something that Bayer has admitted.
But the current suit is the first to directly allege a company's active involvement in some of the Nazis' most horrifying war crimes.

(2)2015-Tru Christie told Congressman Ken that there were more uses for the human test subjects .than bacon.
Tru Christie loved the cottage industry of Data Mining the human brain for all it was worth. and often shared with Congressman Ken some of his accrued understanding of How the Human Mind worked from information he and his assistants received via Remote Neural Monitoring. What excited Tru Christie about Brain Computer Interface were what Tru called the various tricks some of his human subjects played with their Tele-Presence .For instance how a Proxy had recently begun deliberately focusing on trivialities ...transmitting intentionally a barrage of his Mind's Eye recalling ONLY himself turning doorknobs and turning on or off light switches year by year..over and over again .Could you image being that deluged with intrusion that you might force your mind to go focused in this matter?
The subject's ward of course was not so impressed and wanted the subject taken care of. But we had to say no. Remember when we could just get rid of them in droves. But ,Said Tru ..we have to hold on to them a little more than we used to as one never knew when the umbrella of Homeland Security might be removed from the insider trade of Mind Mining. Congressman Ken tried not to yawn and began trying to remember various doorknobs he turned throughout his life if only to get through this dinner with Tru ..who was murmuring on like someone had his dendrites on GO.." one couldn't just get rid of subject like one could even 5 years ago. Luckily we can still get some of them to just wake up one day and end their misery. And of course OURS having to manage them.Tru knew he was talking too much but he needed to keep the weapon's contract and was out of his depth without Valerie Prentiss to do the small talk...
"Usually by that time we have gathered enough neural data anyway or we wouldn't have upped the ante of their Imbue..
It's amusing watching the Guinea Pigs type and type away ...
In a way actually it gives one a sense of belief in the resilience of Mankind
Like cockroaches .Like vermin they hang on to the very end.
Every neural firing of use to some company or another
You name me a fortune 500 company I'll tell you why that company sought us to supply it with Neural Data...
Oh everybody knows we're doing it...
Nobody gives a damn.
we provoke our subjects by never letting them know what is occurring.
Or who is doing this to them..
at first when the subjects are "in that deer in the headlights phase" of
OH My God...
I have been sought out by angels and entities.
we play the Role..
than inevitably the targets go all "In Search of .."
we place tidbits of information up and around the wed and watch the little lab rats go sniffing a morsel here and there ..
cut and pasting a bit there...Oh they all keep Blogs..
in the beginning they all feel they have discovered the ONE piece of evidence that might get their SOS heard..
they wait ...they mail documents to the army navy marine nasa nsa ..
nothing happens..
they haven't searched heard enough
and so it begins...
patents ...lawsuits...news articles ..videos..
nothing happens..
years pass..
and still they type..
still they Google ...
why it's almost touching..
THAN by years 4 or 5 Fury sets in..
they completely become exactly what we need them to be
the very people who deserve this technology
only a very few begin as true anti Americans
they just happen to be a certain type or age or mind set this or that company wanted some Mind Mining done upon..

but by the time we're done with them
Burning upside down American flags
on their pages..
enough anti American sentiment to turn of even the most liberal thinkers..
their minds go...
they lose site of just how very limited the social media is
I mean we who own these lab rats obviously own the media ..
there's some thing almost touching about their resilience...
Come Congressman ken
let me show you some of Targets most interesting posts
this week..."


oh how Congressman Ken hated coming to Tru Christie's house.
and having to watch power point blow ups of Facebook pages and blogs of the human subject's his company Proxy Cyber had procured..
after all you're read one Targeted Individual's Tweets you've read them all..
Years ago the TIs posts were amongst the first NOT to be red flagged or
sent to the various agency's who looked for subversive content..
due to sheer volume and redundancy..
Tru Christie had his pet lab rats which he often hand picked and destroyed himself with a relish that
disturbed Congressman Ken who was ONLY in it for the money and power
there was something unrefined and just tawdry about Tru "getting off" on watching and reading
the subjects as if they were playthings.

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