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The Bridges of 3,007 Counties

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Petshop Windows and silkworms(symbols and synaptic interface)

what is one supposed to think when one opens the door to leave one's house
 for a jaunt to the mini mart
 and hears a man whistling (pitch perfect...and in such a loud manner one previously may have thought   was an impossibility
 except maybe.... for "Master Whistlers"
 -hearing the whistler....on the  red Schwinn bike who makes a rather too familiar... "these days'
  of a cutting gesture ....with his one hand (removed from the bike's handle to Imbue upon anyone watching ,(hearing him...(just me  I notice as it is early morning and no "just plain folk ((who as THEY say," actually WORK for a living...and are not "so lucky to be-Human Engineering Projects:-are out and about)
 his finger ,gestured as a knife....slowly moving across his throat....
 in tandem with his whistling

(momentarily I try to assume the dexterity of the one handed driver of the bike whistling and making a slitting gesture while whistling beautifully the song "amazing grace"
 at rather the exact moment I open and close the door and begin my mini mart motivated movements
 besides trying to place my Mind's Eye into a man who can gesture ...slitting a throat WHILE whistling and riding a bike quite speedily along...
 my mind instead focuses on if I had ever tried to note how difficult it is too walk and chew gum at the same time
 and how absurd
 it is ......this phrase .....as anyone can walk and chew gum at the same time
 and I reckon with practice one can learn how to time one's bike steering with
 the comings and goings of a Proxy
 to whistle amazing grace superbly and insinuate (or "make" the Proxy in question SEE
 a gesture of "a man cutting his own throat"
 while bicycling
  my mind however does not REACT
               as "it should"
          to such "Hollywood Referentials"
 and my MANDLERS seem to be grasping at straw dogs and wicker men for
 in the air that "movies"me
  toward submission regarding my submission to you dear READER...OF MY "situation"
 my mind drifts ....as I watch the bike drift out of sight and out of ear
 and as the words "silkworm' for some reason
 enter me mind
 my eyes are
 all but captured by a strange looking version of pet toy in the
 pet store window
 a rather sickening halloweenish version of a walrus
 it's skin seemingly knitted together silence of the lambs style to be some kind of suit
 yet I reckon THIS pet toy
 is a wee bit less frightening than this odd pet shop's window display of voodoo doll -like dog toys
 all of which wore oddly enough
 versions of shirts I wore on
various " Pictures Days"
 during my years at elementary school
 I also noticed
 when I dared peek at the dog toys
 their hair cuts..were also of the early to mid 1970's brand of "hair style" or "lack thereof" of the mid to early 1970's
 once again each little hair cut (made of bits of fleece and yarn  and string"
 in collusion with the striped or button up "dress shirts'
 of picture day 1st grade to 6th grade
 as if sensing
 as if reading my mind that I have
 completely lost the "jist" of the Whistler's
 the sound "amazing grace" and vision of the bike and the man on the bike making a throat slitting gesture
 returns as if
 and here I was
 thinking I was
 getting past the
 lingering images
  of what looked like a man incased in walrus suit"in the front window of the pet shop
 goes through my mind again hearing the Whistler" whistling amazing grace
 and I think of how pleasant instead of scary the half walrus half man pet toy would have looked
 if made from silk
 from silkworms
 I recall some documentary I had seen about silk worms silking
 and than
 some documentary or snippet I had seen about some whistling or yodeling type contest
   in strange 4th worldish lands such as Belgium and I become obsessed KNOWING I had once seen such activities broadcast
 perhaps when I was a tyke in Picture Day shirts
 and cannot help but  " file" through my recollectives concerning broadcast sound and image)
 "you are a waste of ectoplasm,...Dumbo...."Evan Imparts
 "you can no longer associate myself ." I Interface back at Evan....hiding as best I can that indeed I had "picked up" on "Street Theater " and "Window Dressing"
 -for the benefit
 of science
 and Human Progress..
 and how symbols and standard referentials might help one "app-ed" for interface

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