Wednesday, May 21, 2014

thought transcription of the superior temporal gyrus

" participation in the "new Frontiers of A.I. and Virtual Realty requires first and foremost a  complete decoding of both one's thoughts and sensory data .Nano scaled biosensors once cushioned in the temporal lobe cannot be removed and the  transmission of  neural data via biosensors specifically created to read and than transmit these signals to a computer that next  translates one synaptic signals into language may seem an  advantageous new way to communicate until a consumer realizes  one will not have the capability to switch the sensors off or on and that

 ..every thought, every perception,every memory,every secret will be relayed ,broadcast and possibly scrutinized by an outside agency

a complete trust of one's "service provider" will be the only guarantee one has that one's intellectual property is not being stored ,monitored and collecting  24/7 is simply the price one must pay "to play"




During speech perception, linguistic elements such as consonants and vowels are extracted from a complex acoustic speech signal. The superior temporal gyrus (STG) participates in high-order auditory processing of speech, but how it encodes phonetic information is poorly understood. We used high-density direct cortical surface recordings in humans while they listened to natural, continuous speech to reveal the STG representation of the entire English phonetic

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