Thursday, May 22, 2014

Amy Havel and Remote Psycotronic Influence

The research I have done to quantify Amy's own research about "persuasive technology" I have discovered  is at best a type of
pseudo science.

I simply don't buy it.

Amy Havel who I dated briefly in college  I always considered an intelligent ,thoughtful woman . I was quite surprised that Amy  could be" taken in" by Sylvian's claims that a man or woman could be controlled to such a substantial degree by forces such as ELF Waves or microwaves to precipitate Syvian's actions
I simply have not   found one bit of  substantial evidence that so called Remote Neurotronic Inducement  could overtake a person's rationalities and or senses.

Furthermore I find it irresponsible that Havel has found it necessary to make  Sylvina's journals public as the journals are rife with claims "of a mad man" that not only indicate that outside forces can manipulate brain activity but furthermore  speculate these same "Power Brokers" also negotiate "planned events"to  initiate  precedent on "the world stage."
 Is Havel herself convinced  that some type of Pre-Established "New World Order"  hiding  behind some curtain?
Why did she deem it necessary to include these claims made by Sylvian that only devalue his" brainwashed by bioelectric "appear even more ludicrous than his already incredulous defense.

I myself have of course heard and read about conspiratory theories concerning "staged events" by anti American
I am hesitant even calling theses people Americans they seem to enjoy diminishing calculated bloodshed
 as hoax.."an inside job"
....that we ourselves  have deliberately "destroyed our own  way of life"to facilitate a surveillance based society that diminishes civil liberties.
According to people like this everything ,every act of terror ,every attempt by others who despise our nation and it's freedom speak of little else .

I have broken off many friendships and business dealings with those
who have raised speculation  about the monsters that attacked us.

It occurs to me that Amy Havel is 'one of those" her piece on Syvian proliferates theoretical speculations about "the true enemy being within"

Amy Havel, had displayed signs of mistrust of various  conflicts the States were involved in in the early 1990's.Although her dismissive attitudes toward our polices toward self protection and the protection of other countries not in any position to protect themselves I was mesmerized by the duality of our "Hawk and Dove"relationship -ed
.I was smitten by her patchouli
free spirit so unlike my own.

With some hesitation I have decided to mail Havel's unpublished articles about Sylvian to a friend part of am oversite committee in Washington to perhaps initiate an interview with Havel who's very willingness to all but apologize for Sylvians actions seem to display Havel's own anti American  intentions by insinuation than Sylvian's

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