Tuesday, May 13, 2014


"nobody Likes accidents but they happen anyway" EVAN Imparts...

"and you like it just enough to not want us to stop"

I think for a moment

"he thinks for a moment ," EVAN imparts,"might be a good idea to make "this fucked up story of yours ...this bizarre rambling of a certified LUNATIC  DRUG ADDICT a bit more fiction-ie huh Dumbo?I mean think for a moment ,are you telling this story to brag about being found just crazy enough to considered Guinea Pig for science? Or to cry "help" cuz WE know you a bit little buddie that you're not exactly the altuistic  Karen Silkwood type ...or are ya?

"I don't know  ," I think ,and by think I mean graph...by think I mean interface .for I have little choice"

"you have no choice" EVAN graphs,

I think "to myself" for I sometimes forget
they literally
Hear .KNOW
everything .
that there is no PRIVATE THOUGHT
not for someone
"who needs INTERVENING EVAN thinks at me ....look at the sick way you paint
or painted ...
you think
those paintings
weren't a cry for help Dumbo
brush stroke
...I am dangerous...
I NEED remote neural monitoring ...

 keep me nuts enough...and scared enough or mesmerized enough to not mention it...my "job" it seems is to scream
after all
I being held captive ...'

"Captivated, "Evan states,insulted...

"it's an exciting venture....it's a gift to be contacted by an aliens"

"oh .this again? this alien shit," I think

"want us to play demons again Dumbo?huh....huh HUH!"he graphs...the sound the cadence becoming scary, petrifying ,all in a split second...

it doesn't matter .If you KNOW...if you know "it's only "make believe ....the terror of it all they can make you feel....anyway...it doesn't matter if you KNOW....they can make you cry .they make you so scared you rush to the computer....and TAKE IT ALL down...
the thought of it
really being possible .
keeps me sane
they laugh.
more than imply
can bring one back.....once one has been "collected" like this...

the trillion year "contract" means .....
once your mind
is capable
of upload
"entity" or "group" that
holds the
collected conscious
thet can make YOU the essense of YOU

(which is why EVAN states....we work so hard to ....HELP YOU

but what they want you to BE
their idea of
Gary Rainy's idea of BEINGNESS
not mine

..schizophrenia.Communion.Possession becomes even More real
"it's all not only possible but inevitable. Sustainable...

you too
can be

you reading this....as some fuckin "art project" or some shitty attempt to write fuckin fiction...YOU IDIOT!

save me
from them
make them stop....

Evan is elated.
he likes me riled
he likes evoked potentials that produce neural spikes.
EVAN Imparts
....."know what would be funny.I mean REALLY REALLY FUNNY....if WE DID decide to put a bio censored headband on Charles Manson's skull and HE could have a nice long interface with ya instead of me whose only tryin' to teach ya How to Be  how to be MORE like The New Way ..more like Gary Rainy?....OR know what might be funnier still Dumbo...if we took your collected consciousness and say IN THIS 10 to 15 years you rant about...put your fucked up ,ungreatful neurals reads....into a fuckin real guinea pig or cockroach ....or maybe a pig ...and just kept your essence alive for ever and ever in any fuckin format we wanted....huh...if I were you dumbo I'd start being a little more appreciative....now get on your knees and pray to me.NOW!"

and I do

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