Thursday, May 22, 2014

Glad for the "heads up on Amy Havel
and wanting to waste no time
concerning a  'change of heart" on the "spotter's"suspicions

administrator (a second generation
"New Way" Neuronaut
who had been asked as many were
to seek employment in various agencies ,institutions
and offices of influence several years ago)
makes a phone call to a florist
while  doing some "flavor enhancement to  bottle of wine
with what they called simply "the dots"*
to be sent with the gift basket to
 Amy Havel's
with  a card reading "thanks for sharing the article about Sylvan wishes -X"

*a globular, tree-like synthetic molecule, known as a dendrimer. 2,000 times smaller than a red blood cell — renders the biosensor  fit for travel across the blood-brain barrier. The dendrimer’s tree-like structure allowed high amplitude signal processing easily transmitted for transcription..Merge technology also allowed the inducement of sensory feedback as the hundreds of thousands of sensors  were capable of inducing contextual conduction that could ,if necessary curtail subversive neural networks a 'subject' displayed ..

or if need be in less scientific terms "drive the bitch" out of her mind....

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