Sunday, May 18, 2014


the Voice is kinder
the induced emotions
of a calmness and comfort in "my own" skin
that I have never felt before

"archival footage to give  the engineers ease of access. Nothing more.
nothing less
everybody's got their payback...

                                     you ain't the only one who had to remain sane through this
                                                                    mutual endeavor

don't you ever forget little buddy
that a  neural read
physical pain


      it    might just be in someone's best interest
make themselves  
       just a little bit more

Open Minded and perhaps stay away from the typing or we'll break your fuckin" hands off
    what da" ya think...
  “Cognitive computing seeks to engineer the mind by reverse engineering the brain,” says Dharmendra Modha, a researcher at IBM’s Almaden Research Center, just south of San Francisco says “The mind arises from the brain, which is made up of billions of neurons that are linked by an Internet-like network.”
. IBM has essentially simulated a brain with 1 billion neurons and 10 trillion synapses — one they claim is about the equivalent of a cat’s cortex, or 4.5% of a human brain.

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