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"a penny for your thoughts?Not one thin dime actually

if they paid him
that would be an admission that
they were actually

doing Human Experiments

and would he be impelled to take their money?

he didn't think so

and he was quite sure he would never be placed in a situation

of this sort..

Rafael Yuste, and several prominent nanoscientists  explain that the human brain has eluded the kind of detailed understanding that exists for the heart, lungs and other organs because of the brain's complexity . 80 billion neurons, 100 trillion synapses that interconnect those cells into networks and 100 neurotransmitters that carry signals across those synapses. Until now, scientists have only  been  able to study the activities of only a handful of neurons at the same time — leaving gaps in knowledge as to how they interact to make thoughts and memories, or malfunction in brain diseases.

 Since the parts of the brain work at the nanoscale, only nano technology is ideally suited for probing the pieces, but must be put together to understand thought, perception, consciousness, and health and disease — which result from networking among thousands or hundreds of thousands of neurons. "We hope that the BAM Project will bring the last decade's national and international investments in science, technology, and people in nanoscience and nanotechnology to bear on important and challenging problems in brain science," the scientists and engineers say.

Alan Jasanoff, an MIT associate professor of biological engineering. “There’s a general recognition that in order to understand the brain’s processes in comprehensive detail, we need ways to monitor neural function deep in the brain with spatial, temporal, and functional precision,” he says to track neural communication in the brain over time,,,,this is the first time anyone has been able to map neural signals with high precision over large brain regions in living animals, offering a new window on brain function, says Jasanoff, who is also an associate member of MIT’s McGovern Institute for Brain Research.

Programmable nanoparticles 80,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair.

Under development since 1995 these  electronic “smart particles” are said to be the  size of a single molecule

Single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) and hemoglobin (Hb) were co-electrospun to generate SWNTs–Hb microbelts, a novel composite material combining the advantages of excellent electron transfer property of SWNTs, electrocatalytic capability of redox Hb proteins, and highly porous structure of microbelts


he did not know what he would do if he was confronted by those that "knew him"

Mind to Mind

what they had done was unforgivable.

the threats of what they
will do to him
if he keeps resisting
is something out of a horror movie.

he no longer walks over high bridges afraid he will
find some true core in himself
some state of grace in himself that says
"only a monster himself would continue to live
a life for ....
or against
them.....he could not really put his mind around the interface

what on earth was this being developed for....what type of earth will it be when they perfect
"The Process"
even death
might not be a "way Out"

consciousness on file....

"Hey let's get that fucker who thought about the queen like he did who thought so hard,fought so hard against Gerald that Gerald had to take a trip to Spain to settle down"

he made up stories about his "operators"
sometimes he pictured them
on the moon
his fantasy life had become his only tool
in anyway
reconcile himself to
"The Invasion"

he had made a living will
and a last will and testament that he wanted his brain studied by a private medical firm
he had
included 40,000 dollars
simply to pay for a

how else
could he prove it?
in death
he had read up on how very small
the particles were

a smallness
beyond microscopic....
only an electron proton or some-ton microscope could reveal

he'd read articles
about how nano could literally rain from the skies..

and inevitably
the post
the website
 would fall in on it's own
The New World Order....pyramids..atlantis.GMFsGMO.DNA,secret orders,...the aluminum in deodorants

and than he would remember
just how unimportant
his situation was
to anyone but himself

"who cares" would become his "take" on
the unsolicited interface
and a rage that
someone had dared
diminish Mind Technologies with
pyramids with eyes in them

he began to narrow his research
and established periodical that wrote of
the technology in
such a way...
that seemed to make it purposely indecipherable
a mere mortal like himself

their job was to
throw everything but the kitchen sink at him
every scenario
and anything to provoke a specific chain of neural response

so much of
it was to induce fear
and submission

or interrogation based upon
non disclosure about
disturbing memories..

.....the time his cousin panicked when her womanhood-presented itself

                                                                                    and this memory

for them

a tool...
to make him


the memory .the secret. The fear in his cousin's eyes ....

he  felt was holding her secret...

he felt they were not only violating him
but her
by transcribing
by hearing

they attempted
they succeeded
use associations and linguistics to
bring him back
and back
to that brief scene

and soon  his mind began dwelling on it.
he felt
a "sicko"
he had acquired Obsessive Compulsion Disorder in the spate of 4 hours

he should have
done something
he should have on music,the  disposal. The TV, the fan anything

he felt it was his fault for
for what?

for thinking?
he could care less what the study was for after that....
after that it was never the same
he began going to rallies
against Psychotronics.
11 people and thermos of juice and a casserole
11 people who
may or may not have been
or .......
he couldn't tell....
he left...
he felt horrible the way he was thinking about

other Targeted Individuals

he felt ashamed for them
as if they deserved it.....
that they must have done something to

.because of this..
and other memories of this kind
began coming up
to block or "match" the emotion of shame

soon shame became
all he
he could not watch Tv any longer
for an ad ,or a 10 second scene
might send his mind
to memories that equivocated themselves toward ....

he could not explain it..
he talked now

his new language was interface
it was
not all
dark places
secret places in his conscious and unconscious mind 
the Telemetric operators
steered him

he was in synch and enthralled
he had to admit
that some of them
could conduct his neural pathways
like Mozart
to beauty and
states of mitigated ecstasy

with the push
a button

that did not seem the point of

just as IT was not the point of The World at Large

was it?

he was glad now that he primarily thought about

pennies for a thought
sometimes he
think of elaborate court sessions
and reciprocity
and vengeance
toward those who
TOOK him

but soon realized whether he liked it or not
he was in a relationship
that demanded
"not go there" for too long

as if he was allotted
only "so much"
of this type of thought

or there would be repercussions
concerning future interfaces
not yet
correctly represented in literature
or culture

they kept him reeling

so much so
he was hospitalized on several occasions
found walking
in a daze
unaware of his own name

another time

would he really want to get close to the ones who watched,who knew...He considered for a moment if he would be a Reader.a Watcher.
it's called

the word seems so 'nice"somehow..

'what do you do for a living?"

"oh I 'm a Telemetric operator"
"what is that?"

"it's a mixture of Brain Computer Interface ,A.I. and Virtual Reality 's being developed primarily for people with Locked in syndrome like that editor of Elle magazine who had an aneurism.and had to communicate with his eyes...for people like Stephen Hawkings...people who've lost use of their ability to speak...with Mind to Machine interface one does not need anything but their mind..."

"what an exciting you use volunteers? "

'actually ,we found that limited studies... on volunteers don't give us naturalistic brain the thought transcription becomes partialized disingenuous 2 hours of "gee I hate hospitals" and .if we use grad students or associates we get information pertaining to academic biotechnology..we need a data base of standardized thought styles...a mind is like a snowflake.So we use ...oh ...I really shouldn't be talking about this .Can I get you a drink?"

were they forced into this like him?maybe they too had no choice

were they profiled liked him
as "type"

in this Milgram Test

not a day went by when he did not feel for them.
feel he could not Be "less grotesque"
and what a shame it was
that his body
was attached to his mind...
how absolutely repulsive his body had become to him

how it "got in the way"
and how his
embarrassing memories inevitably came up
when he became too aware
of their awareness..

the close study seemed to bring about a self repulsion
and not a self propulsion...

less and less did he leave his apartment.
less and less did he engage with the world
as now
he was
ever aware of being "camera"

he found himself
thinking about

 the billions of dollars being sunk into the project and
a lawsuit 
(that would never happen)
would all but 
the company


the evidence ever came to light

a judge could be bought off.
a barrister ,on both sides
the parliament as well

everyone was scared
but no one considered how scary ,how humiliating it was
to be nothing but
a game, a project

he assumed that
people who knew about
this new type of slavery
did not think it was
anything but


or did they simply
not think
of it at all

his wife called it compartmentalizing.
she did not believe in evil

she believed people obeyed
and assimilated
whatever global event
or politic
"ruled the day"

he was aware
 would just
get rid of him

they had to

it was prudent ....
it was necessary to hide
the canary in the coal mine

especially a dying canary
about the hidden mine

he understood why they "took"
whores and thieves.
mental patients and
the homeless.

that ONE drunken night after Doreen kicked him out coat no shoes

they assumed
he was
just more garbage on the street.

He never looked at the homeless as he once did.And he found himself searching their faces
their eyes

for" Attunement"...
for "the look" that went with

He was Frankenstein wasn't he? Why wouldn't he search for "his bride"
traffic of derelict,prostitute,junkie?

that's who they used.
and used up...

when would the car come "out of nowhere" or "the bullet"
to get him

he had made the mistake of
they had made the mistake of  conceit
or one taken for such
would not
risk their career and marriage and social standing
not whisper
but yell

he found the worst part of himself
his "puppeteer"
he found the same part of himself that his ex wife
would not seek joy
much less share joy

she had said he held onto his happiness
like it was limited
had to be hidden

he grew up in house that
was cerebral not emotive..
signs of "silliness" or childishness or happiness
were looked upon
foolish and embarrassing
his father's father had survived
the war
but had lost a limb
he married a woman whose parents had survived a concentration camp

now he understood how his mother's parents felt.

he too was
in a concentration camp

but nobody could see the camp
but him
nobody heard his
but they who
TOOK him
let his mind truly  comprehend that
 "a team" had watched ,listened and recorded his provoked,precipitated  financial, spiritual and psychological loses Mind to Mind
 he was indeed grateful that  he had at least STILL had  a shadow of a doubt that he was not simply
 losing his mind."-JG.Jared (Targeted Individuals UK)

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