Saturday, May 31, 2014

I go upstairs
my old room...
my suitcase waits...

I lay on my bed.
I should not have come back here.

my mother is a Suppressor
she left Neuronautics
because she was filled with doubt
moreso she was filled with Ego..
and some sense she cultivated that
Oneness of mind
meant losing and not Winning..

The Voice comes to me.
to warm me
and keep me on track..

I feel my coiled muscles relax hearing my mentor.
in a way only those of us
"part Of" the New Way
"hear" without ears ...and see without eyes..

the Voice Imparts

"A whole new world. Where thought and thus emotion is not confined and contained and thus allotted in increments
...and the stinginess of incremental love that goes with
censored thinking..
a whole new world where the consciousness of mankind is not limited
within the boundaries of" Living Organism"
flows like a new type of cloud in the air
the only way
to create Heavenly Paradise on Earth
is recreate the Heaven we look forward to in a bodiless future
is this not our idea
ingrained some how in all of us...of all different faiths
that in the next life
our minds and our secrets will be no longer
stifled and funneled through vocalization...
The Way
The Way to synchronize Brain Signals toward this one-ness that IS heaven and divine
is Here for your taking
and for your giving.
attempting to follow the concepts of Gary Rainy
who had learned and given Us the tools
and techniques to think
A New Way
free of envy,hate,introspection
free of wasteful obsessions and anxieties
caused by a system of material attainment and lust for earthly securities
imagine a mind free of self affirming ruminations
that will simply
disappear once when is embedded and thus attuned to the rewards of
a Pre Destined and pre recorded
template of induced brain signals
the exact frequency and singularity of Gary Rainy's

Suppose every computer network had a different language or source code
there would be no world wide web.
there would be no common mode to enable a  connection
to either input or output "
The Voice only I and those embedded with "The Dots"
could hear
changed cadence..
and the emotional overlay of pure joy.
raised my from 12Hz to a smooth 36Hz neural  of our tented Telemetry
of union and affinity

'why man has devolved
into incongruity of Mind and Soul
is that The Ruiners,the teachers ,the parents,the "Motherment"
has instilled lies into our culture
that the celebration of one's Individuality is the hallmark of spiritualism
yet individualism is in fact the opposite
of the harmony
and brotherhood
and this
celebration of individualism
is the true cult of The Damned
for no other Organism  besides Man
has been instilled with this great Lie
and it's inevitable link to Mankind's extinction


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