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Application numberUS 12/485,861
Publication dateSep 18, 2012
Filing dateJun 16, 2009
Priority dateJun 16, 2009
Publication number12485861, 485861, US 8267851 B1, US 8267851B1, US-B1-8267851, US8267851 B1, US8267851B1
InventorsJames M Kroll
Original AssigneeJames M Kroll
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Method and apparatus for electrically generating signal for inducing lucid dreaming
US 8267851 B1

A lucid dream is induced in a subject. A brain state entrainment signal is generated in a circuit. A transducer applies a waveform of a kind sufficient to cause a lucid dream in the brain based on the brain state entrainment signal. The brain state entrainment signal modulates a carrier wave of a higher frequency than the entrainment frequency. The waveform is first applied to the subject and thereafter removed to attempt a lucid dream. The waveform can be electrical, light, sound or magnetic waveforms.
1. An apparatus that induces a lucid dream in the brain of a subject, comprising:
a circuit that generates a brain state entrainment signal sufficient to cause a lucid dream in the brain of the subject by entrainment; and
a transducer operatively coupled to receive the brain state entrainment signal from the circuit and apply a waveform to the subject while the subject is awake



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