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parasol pictures and Neuonautics

Gary Rainy had no intention of keeping the doctrine

"Of How to Be"

within the confines of the various annexes and "reading rooms ".

from periodicals and books to

television and film
to save  and gage  the world at large

Parasol Pictures

 would be Neuronautic's olive branch to Ruiners worldwide

Gary Rainy,a showman by nature
always wanted to be in movies"

The Great being he met on his "walk- throughs"
had shown him a scenario of attuning Neuronautic Language
into the language of the masses



"Parasol Pictures.............
began not with a dream
but with a prophecy"

The Rainy Ranch
 only a 100 or so miles from Hollywood
decided that the techniques
the major studios used to groom their actors
which was
long ago discarded

 made more sense
than seeking actors that were not "in and of the "group"

Gary  preferred the style of acting that was "pre-method"
and  Valerie Prentis proposed  that
their stable of actors would be trained  to "act" in the fashion and  style of the 1930's ,40's and 50's
as this style of performance would be" a wonderful way of Parasol Pictures immediately setting themselves -apart

"it would  immediately give Parasol  an identifiable brand"Valerie said

Valerie Prentis,Gary' long-term friend and occasional 'love interest"
had won numerous Emmy  awards working
with-in "the Industry"
to gain clout and experience

Valerie had known she must
"glean" enough from "the enemy"
to think and thus decamp the enemy -which was Hollywood
before coming  onboard to help define the  Neuronautic's Parasol "brand"

 Gary Rainy's mind and demeanor were always running too hot or too fast
to work through the problems of filmmaking being "a group enterprise"
Gary ,the leader of the Group
worked best -alone
and while
Gary was adept at producing
 short instructional films and
corporation-al educational films  of "How Neuronautics works"
Producing a full scale
movie "ready made " for release
 was out of Gary's element and temperament
Gary inevitably got lost his own doctrines and teachings
crafting The New Way's doctrines and teachings
that seemed incongruous with
 money making linear narrative depictions.

Valerie Prentis however knew intuitively how to turn  Neuronautic's Philosophy
into  via product
that in Valerie's words," didn't hit them over the head with it"

"It" being the
merits,rewards and practices that were

at first Gary was reticent
as many of themes Gary deplored
were in Valerie's scripts

Valerie explained that one must" think like one's enemy

the films we are making ...are always in step with the belief in measurable Emmination

and the Entities that
one must synchronize with
 and think towards
 and For...

Valerie ,knowing Gary needed reassurance and set down on paper the 20 year plan
an outline of what teachings would be presented in a Parasol Picture

  • the films would indicate a method of child rearing that established an Open Mind toward "mentored" existence
  • Parasol Pictures would also explore how ONLY a "mentored, moderated  and "ritualized" form of Generational "generating" Guidance
  • could prepare it's members to be of benefit to the "Group"
  • the films will also indicate that only Neuronautics and it's unique affinity with living" Entity
    could eventually fulfill it's destiny to guide the entirety of culture, economics and leadership  that will bring "New Man "into "the New Way"

" our films must  resemble the typical fair of cinema as it is
 "the Teachings  of Neuronautics must not "come across" as "message" but as demonstrative..for instance" Valerie said,"if the story of Cain and Able is  told in it's time and place it already has set up a wall between premise and audience

... not many film goers can SEE or HEAR  themselves
in a story that occurred  1000 or so years before Christ.

.. but if we update the story to modern times  we can still instill upon the audience the Principals of the original story
.Likewise  with the stories and philosophies of Neuronautics

-not many people have been in actual Communion with The Emminations of The Great Being
 who has commanded
that a Latter  Day Profit must instruct
"How to Be"

and that man must learn to think in a co-conscious fashion

 and only give their allegiance to Emminations

 but the audience can understand  or accept Co -Conscious" Merge "if for instance we change the Evolved Entity into something already in the Collective Consciousness for instance Vampires..."

Gary heard what Valerie was saying but certainly did not want Co -conscious Communion to be perceived as anything monstrous..
Gary told Valerie that  Neuronautics had to be portrayed in the best light
and certainly not as   "the bad guys"NOT 'as vampires..

"The vampires WOULD be the good guys,"Valerie said,"the Group would help "save" the Joiners from all the crap their parents ,teachers and Ruiners placed upon them "

Gary closed his eyes and shook his head, confused.

."..OK lets not consider vampires....perhaps spacemen ,perhaps aliens come down to earth and   instead of the space species being the menace the menace is the people they take over ?"Valerie said, "The earthlings are taken over not to be necessarily" Hurt but Saved
"no,no.." Gary said,thinking Valerie had spent too much time with Ruiners in Hollywood

' I know what I doing ..," Valerie said ,reaching into her purse, fumbling around for something.

Valerie kissed  Gary on forehead and lifted his forelock using a an eyeliner pencil  she drew a small parasol* that disappeared when Gary's forelock fell back in place...

Picking up her bag and coat Valerie whispered," it's all for you Gary Rainy"

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