Saturday, May 17, 2014

The" Right to be Forgotten" Must Go Two Ways

One ruling often introduces another.
 Just as there were advocates pushing for a "right to be forgotten" from the internet by consumers. There has also been renewed "rights issues" for constituents to be granted leeway that information or posts deemed "questionable" by committee should be granted the same  rights as individuals who may also  decide that certain sites and information should be removed and thus forgotten .
Advocates of third party "data cancellation" that removes their digital fingerprints  should go "both" ways .And that the question of deletion should not only be granted to the "postee" but the "audience of  certain posts

Servers and citizens according to advocates of 3rd party discretion must also have a say in deleted data specifically concerning  "questionable ".Especially  electronically posted published material that might   deemed  irresponsible, unsound or  in format..there is "fairness" in  the new rulings to be "forgotten or deleted" from the internet  some argue only  if that fairness goes two ways . Committees or panels must also be granted  discretion to find "best interest" justification in erasing certain information that has been deemed unwholesome or irresponsible.
.-Dr Eileen Rosen
Clearwater FLA

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