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Shooter 6 -by Amy Havel

(NEWSER) – In addition to releasing surveillance video of Aaron Alexis creeping through hallways during his attack, it was revealed that Alexis left a note of sorts. “An ultra low frequency attack is what I’ve been subject to for the last three months, and to be perfectly honest, that is what has driven me to this," said the message found either on his laptop or another electronic device, reports USA Today. It meshes with his complaint to police a month before the shooting that assailants were attacking him with a "microwave machine.*"

It also seems to explain a message he had carved or scratched onto his gun calling it his "ELF weapon," an apparent reference to "extremely low frequency" waves.

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    Nov 22, 2014 - ... by cops, lawyer Myron May sent paranoid messages and packages to ... said May reached out to her through Facebook about a week ago in ...
  3. Nov 20, 2014 - A gunman, now identified as Myron May, Lawyer of Myron May lawyer "use" Targeted Indivdualsm  refuses to acknowledthree Florida State University students Thursday morning at the school's Strozier ..An Interview with***** Sylvian

 "Tell me why-I don't Like Mondays"" by Amy Havel
( Jan 5 )

What's he first question one asks a prisoner who shot 11 people in a supermarket?


I had read that ***** Sylvian had told both press and his defense attorney that he had been "renegotiated" bya Brain Computer Interface experiment "gone wrong-

"Or right.," Sylvian said

 According to **** Sylvian
a number of tests were being "administered " at once  by several agencies both  in and out of the private sector. He agreed to be interviewed and his attorney requisitioned the journal kept by Sylvian for months before the tragedy.


 Dec 18 2008

your mind becomes a prison. Your senses is worse and getting worse than I ever imagined. Does genuine schizophrenia learn in fractals" Does it grow more intelligent in it's intentions of terror?

I take the medication
that supposedly stops or at least tranquilizes the fear
it's the same heavy medication
used to treat psychosis.

but strangely these medications only make the interface worse.
"i mean the hallucinations
I  am not sure what I mean...

I am writing this for " 20 years from now"
lately I am convinced
that even in 2 decades this technology
will not be
"released" as product but kept hidden....
and used only for
"special punishment"
for a killing of one who deserves no quick exit
for one who deserves

I can't really think anymore..
they think for me now...
I take care of the basics

I can barely do these things...

did you seek psychiatric help, did you tell anyone?

I told everyone. My psychiatrist included

Did you tell anyone that you felt violent?

I didn't feel violent. Not until 2 days before..

How long was this "interface" going on by than?

3 years

What did you psychiatrist say or do?

He told me I was schizophrenia and gave me medications to help mask my symptoms.

did the medication mask your symptoms

No..but I took them anyway...the made me sleep...they made me sleep most of the day///but it didn't stop the visions or sound. So in a way it was worse..Now I was stupefied and completely entranced.
but not too entranced to begin looking online for explanations. First it was my researching schizophrenia than one day some site lead me to something called synthetic schizophrenia or Voice to Skull Technology...and than to several patents that were issued for transmissions of energy that could alter mood and alter phosphenes..Phosphenes are what "Make you see" in your minds eye..I think that's when it changed..

when what changed?

The visions and the sound....became angrier...angry that I was researching "it"

what did the voices want you to believe the interface was?

They didn't want me to think about it at all really.....think of anything BUT that...was the jist...sometimes it would appear as angelic...or demonic or alien...but after the research I just couldn't accept it as supernatural.I couldn't GO BACK and that pissed it off., like I had broken some cardinal law..that's when I bought the gun...but I only bought it for shoot myself.

than why did you use it against others. Innocent victims?

They told me to meet them at the supermarket. They said they were concerned for me and wanted the gun ..and than ...I felt what I can only call an over ride...a complete "takeover" of not only my senses but of my very soul....when I say I can't remember I mean  really I wasn't really there,literally..

had "they" done this before...practiced a full ,what you call Immersion in your journal

Once or twice..maybe more than that. But sometimes it was funny. Or sexual  or ..well in the beginning you think you're important ..that "it' was like an honor to be chosen to be doing this..

by doing this you mean the Interface

the interfaced,the A.I,,,the Immersive Reality

I read up on nano particles, according to science this type of work is as yet impossible

why would "this type of work" be available on the internet..I mean c'mon..


in the dream
I realize
I am forced to realize...this dream is someone  else's
 they want me  to Know
I remember trying to force myself awake....
but instead the dream becomes more vivid
as if the point of the dream is mainly to show me ..I can't win
that the last vestages of ME
are gone

an Actress reads a script into microphone..She adjusts her hair...She is in a studio but there is not set.

  " you don't have to adjust your hair honey".. a prettu woman ,who I assume is a producer or director says meanly".this is a voice over session"

   the actress   reads from a script " kill yourself as soon as possible"she says meekly ,playing with hair now because she is nervous.

   the producer who seems both bored and over excited at the same time  yells "can someone do a playback of  Him's 5th grade Math Teacher so this silly woman can GET IT RIGHT....

the producer or whomever she is  turns to what I guess is her assistant  and says," I don't understand why we can't just use the original tapes of  the specific teacher's voice...this is all based on specific and exacting referentials is it not?

 the assistant who has been smiling at the actress who looks as if she might cry says to the producer ," we can modulate the voice...but it needs to be filled in with other tonalities that will  set his mind back to specific brain states .We need the actress to equate phrasing for a an overdub..the  teacher was intentionally " placed" to induce a Patterning .. and while she didn't like "the boy  she certainly didn't tell him to "kill himself as soon as possible"

 the producer snaps up from her chair  saying ," I sure as hell wish she had .the producer goes up to a sound man outside the both talking to someone  and snaps her fingers directly in front of the soundman,the sound engineers face..."play 1978 again

we next hear a taped recording of a harsh sounding teacher reprimanding a student

I see myself in my bedroom laying in bed
I see myself dreaming
I see myself hearing .....a disembodied Voice saying"kill yourself as soon as possible"

was based on
what they called
Referential Rearing

a Group predicted correctly that in just 3 decades
technology would catch up
to the initiated CUES that could only be produced
with Stylized Parenting

Gary Rainy had come up with the concept that the human mind was basically nothing more than a computational device
he either convinced or prodded members of The Group
to raise their children
test his theories

he predicted that
a electronic interface between mind and machine would be possible
but could only
if the subjects were "primed" for it

created for it..born for it..into it..

he foresaw a New Breed of Men and Women

a New Race of men and women who would mark the New Era...

basically he wanted
to see if he could
if We could
program the children ,now in their 30's ,40's to "take to a co conscious" connection

based of course on his philosophies outlined in "Inway to the Enway"

I'm not sure if he meant well
I'm not sure if the parents who agreed to have children
to basically be
part of
some grand plan

nor does anyone outside of Neuronautics quite know what this "Grand Plan"is or for..
His son Evan Rainy who presumed he would takeover the Group
found that this was not to be..
that Gary Rainy
had essentially sold Neuronautics to
various corporations...
who could care less about "The New Way"
but only the technology and of course "the Children" raised"" Rainy"

Janurary 18th

there are lines we do not cross the VOICE Imparted

"uh you shove neural dust up my blood brain barrier to make me a  2 way fucking Tv set and you tell me lines cannot be crossed ..."I graph,I think ,I interface...we have to see how real it can be...without someone getting ..."lost in the game"

"we have to cover all the bases......"THE VOICE impart

" and I have to cover my tracks..."I graph...."it's all a game isn't ? I suppose those divined to the top of the food chain
have appetites
and diversions that we mere mortals not"

"Sociopath- ology goes hand in hand with Socio Economics.
tis what it tis

.....always has think the head of ancient clans ...were domesticated
by altruistic ...
love thy neighbor
more like  eat thy neighbor if one is Hungry
certain types
who would not have survived if it were not for this free for all
of Live and let Live

 and  by all means procreate at will
we'll pick up the tab
if thy mongrel
s too unsubstantial
and a burden to society

twas a mistake to let it go this far...

"everyone is beautiful in their own way" horse shit

"tell me" the Voice asks
"is everyone beautiful?
is everyone useful

the interface .
the "possession:
this higher intelligence
it is breaking me

I no longer bother
trying to
fight it..

reckon with it

IT has become
my new normal

I am careful
not to think interrupt it

"it has become my new norma;" -the phrase..
my automatic response

is as far
as I let my Ruminations "run"

I expect for some reason to be
"thanked by" the interface

for my self control of my self referential thought

but I see nothing but what my eyes see without
Occipital overlay

no smiley face
no shimmering star"

 instead a pointed
Minds Eye SIGHT SENSE of


a gestural imbue of

a Better Man than me making an exaggerated
show of "yawning....and deliberation of the status of his fingernails

I am nothing but
IT indicates
a human drone
it is free to

IT states" I reckon someone had to pave the roads...
lay the sewer pipe...

but it's all laid...isn't it..
the cell towers,the the bell towers .."

I cannot help but think
what other towers were laid  as well...

I feel a sharp pain in my left arm...

"those who think like that do not think for very long"

I had made the mistake of watching several documentaries
my reactions
some in depth analysis of basic architectural
did not "go well "

or unlisted....

some things must be looked upon with reverence...
some things must not be swayed
swayed by some tree hugger film maker..

there is a sacredness
to some events
that an idiot like you cannot begin to understand.....

"I was watching a fuckin" tv show...sorry if for a brief 3 seconds I "scratched my fuckin head...thought of things as the film maker "swayed" me to"

5.6 seconds to be exact...THE VOICE Imparts
and trust me
film makers like that VOICE said are also SEEING and HEARING things ...THE VOICE Imparts
being re-educated...

only a certain type would
 chose to watch such programming except to
take down names
of the
scum who might be involved
in a film like that's production

and a notebook
flip to the end of that documentary

be of some use

in this New Way and age
it's dangerous to not be a useful unit..

I refuse to
take out a pen and make Lists...

"I was kidding you cocksucker...we have all the names
all the numbers...I suppose there's an awful lot of Germaine Efficiency
The New Who's Who....even without Direct Neural Interface..."

this sure is some Immersive Reality Game you're creating - I think towards IT

tis what it will be.....

"did you know that by October 2001 there was a 40% spike in the sale of cell phones..
nothing like a little disaster
to cause one to reach out and touch another...."

and I get the odd sensation
that feels truly my own
That my Intraneural Partner/mentor

wants to simply see if I dumb enough
to give them
"just cause"

"just cause," he enter ,"just because we can.....your evoked potentials indicate you will be dumb enough to post this little conversation directly on line...but I have long since only begun writing of the interface in notebooks

"everyone must play the part "in the game"tis not mine to be an example of
The Type
nobody will miss


deep purple


"one can always switch sides...."Please Allow Me to Introduce myself i'm a man of wealth and taste"

I quickly pick up a pen and paper
turn on the tv
make a list...

but my fingers are not fast enough
and my eyes
and ears
once again see the comparisons of the
1934 burning of-----the """"""" in Germany that
the narrator says
"set a new tone"
and created new laws
as if
over night

2 seconds of
filmed footage
sets me
the doubt
the filmmaker wanted to instill in me

and I suddenly hate the film maker for daring to
incite me
and entice me
to his warped view of the world

"That's what they called artists ,so called poets, writers and dissidents 'The Voice Imparts

I hate the filmmaker
the instigator...

but IT senses that
my hate is not great enough

and induces
an emotional spike in my Theta Waves
to make sure
My Aim is True

"people like THEM .should not exist...," IT Imparts

"i want you to get rid of ***** as he is already filming a companion piece to the would not have these strange ideas if the STRANGE so called "artists and filmmakers, writers and playwrights and singers and songwriters did not deliberately try to SHOOT YOU full of if  I ask you to SHOOT BACK
it is Only because they SHOT first
are a contagion on society
I need proof
of your
allegiance to rid the world of this new age of thought transcription WE your Mentors
can help
not be swayed by THEM

my mind is not clear enough not to visualize the footage

and thus

impart these visuals and words towards IT

he knows I cannot
think and thus interface
the filth the film maker has writ upon my mind

I attempt to think in symbols

the shape of pear, the colors of sunset,the roundness of a circle....

but the more I try to THINK AWAY
from the televised image
that entered my perception
the more it boomerangs back

IT insists I
watch a movie
any movie
quickly quickly

I think to IT that he needs to over ride my senses....
images of pornography
usually do the trick

a wave of directed energy heightens parts of my temporal lobe
that instigate
"sexual healing"

but at the same time
flick of the
channels lands
image of a child eating a graham cracker...

"jesus Evan..."I think angry
with the inexactitude of
our telemetry...

to fix the problem
I am sent an occipital overlay of
an actor
"i am telegenically smitten with" appears to me ....
in the far corner of the room

but the actor is eating a graham cracker
and my olfactory senses are over ridden
with the smell of

"oh the places you will go ....if you dare post this interface"

but the posting is my only form of leverage

of this ungodly

Game of Tones

"even if you kill yourself....I got your consciousness on "tape" baby boy...
I can
download you
into any and all forms of being....
would it not be
if we decided to
upload your
Ruinerous Mind into
a pig or a goat
or a...."


or the
acceptance of the unacceptable

that only asks that I SHOOT BACK

I wait for
I can
no longer think for myself

"I can care less about how the Old Way,the Old Guard might or might not induce their own ideas of
Scripted Living

everybody has their own

 but the powers that be
are reluctant to
what is Ours

never mind any
tragedy perhaps set in motion
except thy own

accidents will happen
I trust "The Motherment"
as much as
I trust you

our faith is in laws beyond man
and certainly above man

all I want
is you to be responsive
and the New Regime change

"The Future is Ours"

and you have an opportunity to
quicken the quickening

we have
a man
the right man

to be a symbol of
a New Leadership in mind...
he will be first introduced
in traditional TV and Cinematic

perhaps he already has...



into the
Interface of it all

but first we must

seeds of Open Mind

into the Enway

as hey say,"The Answer is Blowing in the Wind"

the answer
the solution

people,most of them WANT to be lead...
and Neuronautics
and Trugenicss time has come

"we came to you," and trust you will pay us
for the communion in kind

or we will PAY YOU
and PLAY you
in ways
you  can fathom
but O
if you only knew
much of an over ride
we can deliver.....

one not greatful
for this

and we need a few "could" men

 readily available
to do what one must
"take care" of
thinks they can seat another in the throne
which is
rightfully and divinely

'you are not simply a pawn but a

in this grand
New Way

of the New Ideal

January 23

in the dream
I realize
I am forced to realize...this dream is someone  else's
 they want me  to Know
I remember trying to force myself awake....
but instead the dream becomes more vivid
as if the point of the dream is mainly to show me ..I can't win
that the last vestiges of ME
are gone

the point of the
Voice was
make me feel small..
condescended to...
your entire childhood was scripted IT said
---------------every day
was pre planned in advance

were brought up

only to be

a lab rat
 born only for an exercise in  reverse brain engineering which required " teams"to lay down  tracks

to us  you were an 8 track tape player
a camera

that's all

pivot points and keynotes
were imprinted upon you

memorable "moments" that produced
emotional trauma's
that could be re-triggered.....

as we knew that
in time
technology would "catch up" to our philosophy

  scripted upbringing was based in part on rings in side redwood trees that provided a botanist to identify environmental timeline

the voice ran
another voice
as if two not one

minds were
"thinking at me " in unison

"television "the second voice  said at the same time as the words about my supposed "childhood"

2 different thought patterns
2 different messages going at once
(it was the first time I really considering shooting my self)

I now knew that
there only objective was  to completely destroy my thought process

and the one or two percent
people who
become actors
who are graced with not only
but a

to make
the masses

insignificant and less than

to remind THEM
their place
on the
"food chain"

to take advantage of the
EGO and ID
consciously and unconsciously
made comparisons
basic Identity

but MOVIES.some MOVIES were made for an entirely different reason the Voice said

                                                                     do you you understand
                                                                     do you understand    do you you understand
                                                                     do you understand   do you you understand
                                                                     do you understand   do you you understand
                                                                     do you understand

I understand
I want
to smash you now...I thought back
like you smashed ME
and how many
like me
raised for IT 

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