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Proposed Bill that Disallows the Mentally Ill to use the Internet

The schizophrenic will look anywhere and everywhere for some "rational" reason or reasoning to explain his or her symptomology. A mental patient for good reason does not often like being thought of as a mental patient so much so perhaps that  one with mental illness would prefer being told or perhaps "excused' of their stigma by reclassifying themselves as a "test subject" a "project. Some experiment of the Transhumanistic Movement.." No longer does this type explain away their illness ,their hallucinations  as caused by little green men or the supernatural .No these days this type feels their condition is caused by technology. Perhaps the stigma of mental illness is still so great that especially concerning the more devastating forms of mental disease such as schizophrenia or psychosis that is has  become easier for the unfortunates suffering from delusions and deviation of their senses to believe that "something or someone" has deliberately tinkered with their "internal guidance  systems.In increasing numbers many of these unfortunates have actually pulled their wits together enough to "act" and set forth legal claims that this agency or that has indeed "somehow" caused  some type of intervention with their minds and nervous systems electronically or biologically or a combination of the two.Something called Biotechnology. According to some mentally unbalanced individuals there is some type of world wide epidemic of Post Nuremberg sanctioned causation to Biotechnological Experimentation on their specific demographic which can best hide the human testing...as who better to play mind games with than one who already has a previous diagnosis of let us simply call it diversion of "the norm" in terms of both emotional and cognitive states.Schizophrenia and Psychosis the cinema and literature has taught us are especially dangerous abnormalities .According to clinicians this type of individual is not grounded in our mutually understood reality ,so why not by all means take advantage of their low position on the social totem pole and experiment with psychotronic devices and neurotronic advanced technologies as are these unfortunates not already essentially "masked" or labelled bizarre...according to several so called "Targeted Individuals" their previous psychiatric label ,which did not include hallucinations neither aural or visual placed them in "harms way" with Big Pharma and The Mind Augment Industry which indeed exist to be considered "the perfect stooge/Guinea Pig" for research and development with an array of  "new toys' and "gadgetry".I suppose one might "have to be excuse the term ,"mental" to understand the logic of "the BIG SCHEME OF THINGS"although I can empathize that a person afflicted with the "there but for the grace of god go I "conditions of Psychiatric illness may very well  be entitled or at least predisposed to search for answers as to "Why Me?"..Why am I like this?Why am I mentally Ill?
In the last decade if not before the  personal computer and thus access to the internet has become so ubiquitous that even a citizen with mental defect and the financial deficits usually associated with "this kind" of persons  can gain access to the World Wide Web and this is very dangerous, not just for persons whose diagnosis precludes  a clearness of mind to differentiate between reality and fallacy,as the "Internet told me" is becoming the new "the devil made me do it" for this section of the population that are now disregarding their doctor's advice and regiment to attempt to if not cure but at least  temper their psychiatric symptoms as NOW "because the internet told me" I am not hallucinating  or behaving in an  aberrant    fashion  NOT because I am ill but because  this link on the internet TOLD ME I was not sick but "chipped"
I am sympathetic to those who are too ill to function and garner the rewards of a normal existence ,I feel for their suffering.I understand that many of these unfortunates can not or will not hold a job .I understand  that this segment of the population because of their inability to function "normally " in the world  often has many hours of the day they must fill because the world tends to exclude those who "walk to a different drummer"
The mind of anyone with too much time on their hands may wander ...Who amongst us has not spent or should I say wasted the day away "online'.Now imagine the hold the computer might have on one with a diseased mind   who might use the computer to seek out explanation of their delusions? They might turn to all matter of substantiated and unsubstantiated websites that almost seem catered to this "fringe element " of society:The Mental Patient.
Websites,chatrooms that provide  alternative reasoning for the psychiatric illness of hallucinations and the sense that "one is not entirely "in control: 'of their sense BUT is in FACT controlled  by forces or powers outside themselves  often pertaining to genuine  technologies that do in fact exist to "do" just this.I have tried to place myself in this demographics' shoes. I have imagined myself on a government pension with no need to work ,,perhaps eventually no reason to even shower or shave..."well I may as well spend the day in my housecoat or bathrobe ..after all "I have nowhere to go, no one to see.I sit at the computer(mind you a computer that was probably bought with a provided subsidy)and  search for all sorts of explanations for my thinking disorder.I might type in key words -"visions"...""hearing things" ..I might even begin typing in the words "mind Control"..and what pops up on my screen? ...you guessed it .A smorgasbord  of information and misinformation about things like Brain Computer Interface .Psychotronic Testing..Synthesized telepathizing,,and perhaps for good measure HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION.
I can only imagine these unfortunates  eyes glazing over coming upon some of these websites about  corporations   and nonsuch making significant progress with real advancements in things such as Virtual Reality ,Human Computer Interface and Artificial Intelligence.It is perhaps inevitable that one who is not quite "in their right senses" might consider that "another" might be "tampering " with their  senses..
In the "old days" this type often believed their delusions  were caused by space aliens ,supernatural possession and UFOs .After WW2 there was an unheralded amount of psychiatric patients that began assuming and thus propagating their belief that small transmitters and receivers were placed in their tooth fillings ,In the next couple of decades there were some rather vague articles that indeed other nations were "playing around" with pulsed sound waves  and signaling that could bypass the typical biology that enables one to hear...a few  scant articles that certain new technologies could indeed facilitate   "messages" in or upon another's mind. Certain films and books joined the bandwagon of this "New World Order" and new terms such as "Brainwashing" and "Mind Control" became part of public discourse. And part of the mental patient's view of their own mental impairment coming from "outside " themselves and not from "with in".Late night radio personalities of the time might have encouraged these "unfortunates" that indeed outside forces might be the reason for their mental deficits ,their hallucinations, their "voices" etc. Talk of sound waves, microwaves ,frequency fields being used to broadcast "messages". In this century the radio transmitter in "the tooth filling" has been replaced by speculation of microprocessors and or RFD chips being oh so mysteriously placed inside one's body..one's tooth fillings one's person..Let me give you a disturbing glimpse of how "urban myth" of this sort might cause undo stress and harm on those amongst us who already are "out of touch " with reality due to psychiatric problems concerning the mother of all fostered fears.The nanochip....which has become the "new UFO", thenew "alien abduction" of the "tin foil hat brigade". The nano chip or nano tube  is so small that it can enter a human nervous system through one's pores or lungs, no "alien abduction necessary". Since the nano chip can enter the bloodstream without incision you can imagine the ramifications of this speck of knowledge upon the mentally ill and how nano devices have all but become the false McGuffin of causation of "hearing a Voice or Seeing Objects or things that nobody else can to those afflicted with mental disease.
A noted psychiatrist who had concerns about a number of patients who had become convinced that their schizophrenia  was a type of SYNTHE- PHRENIA had shown me photos of a patient who had cut off his own nose because he thought a general practitioner he had gone to for a nasal swab of some kind had embedded a microchip in his nasal canal.This poor mentally challenged man cut off his own nose to try to remove this "chip" from his body ...to stop The Voices.and The Seeing.Did this unfortunate find any microchip or nano chip in his now removed nose?Of course not.
You might ask yourself where this mentally ill person got "this notion" that a doctor had "imbued" him with insertive technology?
The Internet is to blame.
The internet is responsible for an already stigmatized man to be forced now to wear a prosthetic nose!For THE INTERNET TOLD HIM that a prosthetic Brain Implant of some kind was responsible for his unwanted let us call the Extra Sensory Perceptions of "the world"
The psychiatrist had remarked that it is a "god send" that the unstable man did not seek out his GP to
"pay" for "perceived crimes" of "chipping him"
The psychiatrist also remarked that PERHAPS there is GOOD REASON to be AFRAID of a "mental health client" who hears and sees things
WE cannot. Furthermore there is GOOD REASON to ALSO be afraid and also "contain" persons who perpetuate "the fables of Human Experimentation " being practiced "on unsolicited so called "Targeted Individuals"
Some of these so called TIs actually take the time to construct rather elaborate websites that describe in detail all matter of horrific crimes being perpetrated on innocent victims pertaining to all matter of scientific endeavor concerning real life Cyborgs.Real Time investigational research and development
being secretly carried out for some thing they call the Trans human Singularity. Now while a rational person might come about these sites and be amused or perplexed a person who is NOT RATIONAL might be swayed to forego a psychiatric explanation for their plight of hearing voices ,seeing things  and their subsequent feelings of Mind Control and Mind "Melding" techniques with external guidance systems not their own. Websites that cater to "the unwell" also explain that certain doctors and medical professionals are perhaps in "cahoots" with computer companies and all sorts of "agency".
One website by a so called Targeted Individual who explains in depth that this country has a rather lurid history of preforming unspeakable "tests" on "subjects". The very same web site in fact that induced the unstable man who was and is clearly psychotic to cut off his nose to find "evidence" of
induced Sound and Vision.
THIS is why I and others in the medical field propose a bill that Disallows the Mentally Ill to use the internet except when supervised so they cannot and will not be influenced by information that might overwhelm their already overwhelming circumstances .-Dr.Eileen Rosen 2011-Clearwater, FLA

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