Friday, May 13, 2016

The Facetaker and fMRI

By measuring the Proxy's psycophysiological responses to films and TV one can begin collecting and categorizing biometric data directly from a consumer's temporal lobe as to understand the whys and wherefores of associative thinking .As one of the proposed uses for ProxyCyber brain-computer interface is the treatment of anti social behavior one must fully understand trigger mechanisms in the human organism that often lead to follow through.Therefore ProxyCyber seeks to develop a system that remotely monitors several subjects whose thoughts have been deemed aberrant for neural data .Using ECoG and MEG measurements we seek to gather and next interface symbol based visual and aural data to the subject's cortex .The subject's Operating Tele -Presence trained in immersive "remote viewing" can detect with computer assistance increases and decreases in the Proxy's intra-cerebral engagement with real life ,recalled and broadcast cues as to craft virtual performance upon the Proxy's perception and emotional centers via brain - computer interface to correct aberrant thinking.
WEEK 72 -
Often the subject fully aware their vision is being decoded in Real Time will seek to bait their Operating Tele -Presence with Inner and Outer visualization purposely or inadvertantly discordinat with mind transcribing studies
The use of film as "shortcut" to purvey shared scene and theme in a Proxy's dreams using Parasol Picture's "The Facetaker"

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