Monday, May 16, 2016

the book of biff 3 /baking soda

It was basically the same job as I did at Linden Linaus but a little more complicated . Not more complicated because I now understood the TIs were not crazy people trying to find "logical" explanations for their dilemma .Sensing that their minds were being controlled .But complicated because I found out there was a lot more at stake in keeping the testing both known in the 'in plain sight" of the 8thFloor Social Media and marginalized as a kind of mass hysteria amongst mental patients. It was a juggling act trying to ad feed about my electronic harrassment for those who wanted to see there investments in psychotronic torture and brain research play out before them on the screen .While using the 8th Floor medium as shill to diminish the so called innocent victim's presence online as anything but conspiracy theory.
Do not judge me reader for being nonplussed at the reality of human testing and my lack of desire to be whistle blower so passé' these days to begin with ,So done.So 2013.
Besides if someone had decided that these people had done something to be made human guinea pig.Or if they had simply "been in the wrong place,wrong hospital -whatever - at the wrong time -so long if it wasn't me ,truly what did I care.Do you ?
Naturally I assumed very many people of a certain prestige and power assumed it was OK to test direct energy and Neuroweapons on people .And certainly none of them were stepping in so why should I? After all if it wasn't me now asked to play mind fuk with the Targets than surely it would be someone else.
Caroline Macy said we needed to find out how these weapons might work if the weapons got in the wrong hands.And next she giggled stating that these pawns and proxy were used for everything under the sun concerning measured response and that between us- neuro weapons in particular work best on one's home turf-cultural myth, common associations
,natural language -and all that
She explained that every country both developed and 'not so much" was doing brain interface research on a small percentage of their own population and THAT in particular was the type of posting I must demean as so many of our Dummies 'go for that -do it for the team"
king & country shtick
Caroline told me some of the subjects were actually raised to be "app-ed " with neural prosthetic .
Raised in a manner to make them manageable
and thus
apt to buy the "for the team" small sacrifice ...Billdibunk their Operating Tel-Presence washes them with.
Caroline must have seen I had no idea what she was talking about and explained to me the nuts and bolts of the situation
- the fact that synthetic telepathy 'could be used' for defense gave them the right to do absolutely anything whatsoever with these subjects.
The -sky - was - the - limit -
,sociological testing ,data mining ,evoked response to Tv..scored of personality tests and lots of gambling concerning the 'What Would you Do' of it all based on the real time Dailies of the human husks
linked in via brain computer interface.
There's more more damn things that can be done with a proxy whose mind has been 'app-ed' with biotech Caroline said than there are uses for a box of baking soda.
"And between us Biff ," Caroline Macy said ,"there is a very special ,,very wealthy cliental who enjoy hurting the proxy mind to mind.And another type of clientele who like vicariously experiencing sex,drugs and violence through the human drones ."
Caroline told me if I excelled at both making the TIs read as graphic in their explanation of their day to day decomposition as possible and also sound loony to any one not in on the goldmine of human testing Proxy Cyber would pay for me to take classes to learn to go intra cerebral with a Proxy with brain compute interface to the tiny biosensors inside their neural tissue.
"Did you know Biff the sensors that allow for .mind to mind are less small enough to breath in up your nose/now..we have Francine in public relations work full time writing press about RFD chips the size of a grain of rice..the same article from 1992 over and over..maybe if you do well with this social media bit we can invite you to write dis tripe to overwhelm the 8th Floor Search Engine but Biff you seem more like the Mandler type ...a man who would do well in another's head ..
'To do what with their head/' I asked
' them to suicide..or maybe murder...nothing says mind control works to our affiliates like like a nice lone gunman rampage ..
The work consisted of swamping the Targeted Individuals \'s social media pages with lots of
"Baba boo-ee 'and serious reflections on alien technology and lots of handholding
It wasn't easy at first playing the friendly victim having to write encouraging ,soothing things upon people's posts to keep them believing their posts served as hard evidence
but as I saw how broken and thus susceptible these victims were to
and could sense just how much pain they were in from the testing
I began to enjoy it
i was still asked to fill up their pages filled with real science with junk science and endless banter about astral projection,remote viewing and possession
outrageous anecdotes about 'my own experience with alien technology'
Nothing makes a TI more angry than talk of alien technology except kindly feedback about
------a cousin of mine also had severe psychological problems and was helped immensely by Proxy Pharma's new neuroleptic Tardivedyskinate XL

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