Friday, May 27, 2016

Black Slacks/Front

                                                                                                       More than meets TI  
                                                                                                             by TNZ Tempo

Actor Ralph Ansel, currently starring in "The Big Littles go to Monte Carlo " claims that Tim Tucker was not the person who commissioned several hundred people to 'play' Targeted Individuals online as  performance art  but who he refers to as  "men in black slacks". Ansel said "Men in official looking uniforms dropped by a theater workshop both Tim and I were involved with over 8 years ago with something of an ultimatum for Tim Tucker and myself  which  involved "taking care of" a close family member ...if we didn't 'play along'.
When asked what the term "men in official uniforms" meant more specifically Ralph Ansel seemed uncomfortable elaborating .
'I can only guess that Tim had been gently persuaded to be the fall guy for the tragedy involving Angela Dobsen"
Why would "men in official uniforms " be so invested in trying to convince people that make believe weapons and make believe technological advancements were being used to hurt citizens is anybody's guess.

Word has it that actress  Kimmie Baker ,who had her own very public breakdown speaking of 'chips' online might play Angela Dobsen in a Hulu limited series about the TI Hoax ..

Reality Star Resin Baker's Secret Visit To Neuronautics Annex EXPOSED!  Is Kimmie's  little sis trying to join the controversial church?

(pictured : Resin Baker at the
front  door of the Burbank Neuronautic's branch)

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