Sunday, May 22, 2016

(Marcus -The Book Of Biff)
I stop by Biff’s apartment after work .He wants to know more about the Operating Tele Presence Program offered by The 8th Floor Social Media by way of Neuronautics and Gary Rainy . Neither I or Biff want to be shills online much longer interacting with various real test subjects or the Non Persons deemed “worthy” of being tortured with Psychotronic and /or Direct Energy Weapons. We agreed it would be more fun to fiddle with people either face to face as Gangstalkers or better yet Mind to Mind. The best way to move up at The 8th Floor Social Media is to prove you have what it takes to be ‘un-sentimental” about the human test subjects but show you understood what “Slow Kill” means in terms of getting as much data from them as possible concerning the experiments.
I hand Biff the Neuro-nautic's Cued Arc Manuel that expains the science and idealogy behind the neccessity of story and myth being at the heart of 'operations"meant to destroy another's sense of themselves and thus of reality with neuro technology.
Remote Viewing 5 week package - Introductory Couse $7,000.00
One of the jobs of the Operating Tele-Presence (OT) is to inundate the subject’s mind with the equivalent of thought via a direct neural interface using the rudiments of thought based on a human organism’s understanding of the world - words and pictures .Hence visual and aural data is sent as signal to the subject whose neural tissue has been rendered to transmit and received such data. The OT sends signal to the subject’s mind that best approximates the brain signals of a human organism which allow the subject/ targeted individual to hear and see what the ear and eye hears and sees and subsequently what the mind sees and hears as imagination /memory.Once an OT understands through mind decoding technology the causal relationships of stimuli /response these responses can be mapped as to create a‘conversational model that helps the OT and what we call a chatterbot use the direct neural interface in a closed loop or what one might call synthetic telepathy used as one might a Rorschach test as to understand how a particular subject ‘s thought style and thus a demographic with similar traits might respond and process incoming information .
One of the goals of many brain interface studies is to understand’ the mind’ as a operating system and therefore it becomes necessary to take measures to reverse engineer the brain in such a way to discover the lowest common denominator of what ‘self“means on a neurobiological level .
The most effective way to find this root of self is believed to be best accomplished by subtracting as much from the subject's cognitive,emotional and perception system as possible to discover the most basic elements of brain function needed to think at all.
By bombarding the subject’s mind with induced aural and visual data the subject soon has his thinking stifled and stilted and thus most easily can demonstrate to researchers the lowest common denominator of consciousness in which the ‘operating system” of “self” is stored.
According to researchers the part of self that contains one’s internal guidance system is not in one specific region of the brain but widely distributed throughout the cortex .
In various rat studies researcher’s tried to discover the essence of memory by cutting away more and more of the mouse’s neural tissue to discover this distribution of “self “in the cerebellum ,hippocampus ,stritum and amaygdala ...
Biff put the brochure down.They all do .
"Is the entire course written like this ?"" Biff asked
'Nobody is meant to understand it... I think that's the point ..don't worry about it just makes what we are doing seem more acceptable to the general public if the call what we do studies ...or academics or research..
some "reasonable explanation for behavioral testing ," I say .

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