Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Perception Management -The Book of Biff(4)

In addition to writing posts to either defame ,denounce or encourage other TIs to conitinue being living example of neuroweapon efficiency my job was to write blogs from so called "Truther' perspective.Linda N.passed around envelopes of photographs of photoshopped faces of rather ordinary people crafted to appear horrible to "give a face " to Truthers that would make others repulsed .One of the photographs showed a man with teeth two sizes too large protruding over his lower lip ,his cheeks rendered like swollen balloons.Noses too large .Ears too big .The lighting somehow accentuating every fault to almost comic proportion.And within the envelope-
 a photo of a toe yellowed with nail fungus

"I think something is wrong here' I said to Linda N. ,holding up the photo of the toe .

'No Biff nothing is wrong ...what's the name on the back of the photo?"Linda N. of The 8th Floor Social Media Perception Management Division said

Looking ,I said " Harry Eupazu "

"Well ," Linda N. said ,"Seems to me that Harry Eupazu or someone like a Harry Eupazu might  use a photo of a toe as a portrait of themselves to say what about themselves ?"

"I don't know ...that he's a freak?"I said

"No Biff...and listen everyone ," Linda N said to the boardroom ,"he is saying 'I don't care about appearances' ..I don't care about herd mentality .Nor I do I care about  hygiene ,let alone do I care about Big Pharma that might very well cure my skin problems..I am a big ugly toe saying 
fuk you to the bourgeois phoines out there  ..you see ?Harry doesn't think himself a freak at all ...to Harry we are the freaks ..."

It was odd the way she was talking about the toe as an real already developed writer of Truther blog when I had not even begun writing a word of 'what a guy like Harry Eupazu thought about "The Truth" or anything else"

Linda N. said she wanted the 'Truther' blogs to be rife with political rants between daily accounts of their pathetic ,dismal small lives .
I want two page essays on the drudgery of changing cat litter.
I want accounts of saturday nights being spent popping a pimple.
I want weekly diatribes about noisy ,selfish neigbors throwing wild parties .
I want detailed accounts of bouts with diarrhea .

I want the audience of these blogs to smell "The Truther" in your daily posts.

"The Truther ," Marcus yelled ,"You can't handle the Truther'

Everyone around the boardroom laughed but not Linda N. ,"Marcus ..since you find this so amusing I'd like you to take one of the photographs out of your packet and give me an improntu account of your Truther 's account of their Christmas Eve'

Marcus ,funny man no more ,fumbled with his envelope and and began sorting through his photos .

'Just pick one Marcus and hold it up' Linda said

Marcus held up a photo of a man with a long untrimmed bushy beard and thick coke bottle glasses one rarelty sees outside of a old 1970's movie .

'What is the Truther's name ?' Linda N. asked

"Lenny Nostrillo" Marcus said

'And tell me Marcus ..what did Lenny Nostello do last Christmas Eve.according to your December 26th entry ?

"He ..uh went to his mother's house "

"How did he get there.?'

"he drove '

"No Lenny Nostrillo is too poor for a car .He took a bus ..and who else was there at Lenny's mother's for Christmas "

'A brother and a sister" Marcus said ," who Lenny hates "

"People like Lenny Nostillo don't HATE anybody ...they tolerate others who are part of the herd '

'Do you want me to go on?" Marcus asked

Linda N. held up her hand and made a shoo shoo like gesture at Marcus and walked around the boardroom table placing her hands on my shoulders

Linda N. told the group that in the late 1980's during her salad days at Parasol Pictures and Parasol Press it was she responsible  for forever linking in the collective consciousness the word '-disgruntled " and  the word 'gunman'

'And that   is what we want you to do with the terms "Truther" ,"Activist" and "Political Dissident",Linda N. said ,"we want
these words to conjure in someone's mind a specific type
not just unwashed ,unkempt and stinky
but sicko in their thoughts ,actions ,grooming, writing etc..
I want someone to hear the word "Truther' and see in their mind's eye squalid kitchens and bathrooms
filthy finger nails
I want the public to hear the word "Truther " and smell what a "truther' might smell like

so i want your blogs to be filled with olfactory references


I want your blogs written in  first person
as the "people "in those envelopes filled with  political rants mixed in with the Truther's talk of dandruff and ear wax

I watched Marcus across the boardroom nodding  his head up and down
I had no idea how I would or could even begin this task
I looked around to see if anyone else was overwhelmed ,
when  Linda N. said

"I see only Biff seems to get the enormity of the battle we are waging"

I saw Marcus make a face

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