Friday, May 20, 2016

Blitz (Pace 23)

Denny Pace at first rather enjoyed the seeing and hearing
presented by Mandlers based on his every thought
as the Mandlers had explained to him that their job as Entites
was to help him be cured of Autism
and learn to think outwardly
At first the Mandlers only came to Denny upon waking
as the Mandlers called this New Way of communicating
him up and out of bed each morning
rustling him awake with the theme song of 'The Big Littles 2 "
followed by a quick flicker of Denny seeing Aimien Little the small elf gnome from 'The Big Little" films
graphing 'Rise and Shine" in Aimien Little 's cartoon voice
always with this greeting came a feeling of tingling
through his head and body and a sense of quick joy that Denny usually only felt after being returned to his mother's after visiting day weekend
this fleeting feeling according to Mandlers was magical in it's essence and was a reward for Denny that could be discounted at anytime
or re-adjusted to feelings Denny certainly did not want graphed upon him
Joy it will be Denny Pace
if you offer us good reason for such dollop-ings
concerning his keeping his mouth shut about the Mandling at home and at school
it was important to Mandlers Denny sit up right
when thinking to Mandlers
and practice not moving his mouth
to what the Mandlers said
"Why?' Denny graphed
"Why ?" the Mandlers graphed back "So you're not locked up in a teeny tiny cell where they put young boys who say they hear and see things"
In addition to practicing not moving his mouth
the Mandlers insisted
he practice not letting his eyes jot this way and that when viewing the various sights the Mandlers "graced" him with
The Mandlers -sometimes as Aimien Little and sometimes as what the Mandler's called a Tele-Presence of of any number of "things"that represented thoughts in his head
or what Mandlers called associations
The Mandlers
"said" they needed Denny to practice not letting it -squeak -that he heard the Mandlers
lest he get a small,small bit of pain on his right arm
as to help train him (not punish him )
and help him to begin thinking and acting in manner that would most help Mandlers help him.
And so Denny did
-he didn't have much of a choice did he?
while Denny sat on the side of his bed
already rubbing his arm
expecting a peck of what his Mandlers's called 'Tough Love"
thinking he would think something wrong
like hunger or thirst
which according to Mandlers 'was what babies do
not 7 year olds commune-ing with Entities"
To some extent already
Denny had gotten used to
the Mandler's
'talking" in a way nobody but he could hear
and seeing things nobody could see
a flicker of a cartoon man no more than 3 inches high wearing a bow tie, holding a top hat in one hand and a stick in the other
transposed over a crease of curtain that seemed just creased that way
to allow the magic man with hat and stick to fit right into
was no longer something odd to Denny Pace
but something he took for granted
According to Mandlers
already he was being fixed
and cured of the Autism his mother and father has spent so much time and money to bring him out of.
"Are you not Denny Pace " Aimien Little still seemingly in the curtain graphed 'now not looking only inward thanks to your Mandlers?"
"Yes ," thought Denny Pace ,trying to not let it read that he wanted the Mandlers to stop for now .
"Yes what ?" The Mandler graphed sending a dose of pain to Denny's arm for the rebuff
"Yes Sir' Denny thought rubbing his arm hearing his mother yell 'breakfast'
The magic man with bow tie 'in the curtain seam" fading away.
Denny sat at the table kitchen table already preset with his cereal bowl and watched his mother watch him.
Since that day at the trailer his mother had said was all 'in his head'
Denny noticed his mother was always looking at him funny
and dropping things and shaking.
"Do we want Big Little's Beryy Blitz ,Big Littles Chocolate Punch or Big Little's Cinnamon Kick this morning ?"Denny's mother asked
"Blitz," Denny said next asking ," Is there really a cage in a rental hospital where they lock up little boys who say they hear and see things?"
Layala Pace dropped the box of Big Little's Blitz on the floor hundreds of Aimen Shaped oat sand marshmallow all over the kitchen floor.
Denny who had begun to get up from his chair to help his mother had to sit down again as the "little dose' of "tough love" from his Mandlers was now excruciating

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