Friday, May 27, 2016

Earlier today, The Parasol Post ran a story titled ' Chip-a -roo Chip-a roonie ' about a man named Tim Tucker notable not only for his play 'Building 17" but the bizarre incident following the play's opening ,the author Tim Tucker found naked except for a Snuggie loosely wrapped around him atop of dumpster literally baying at the moon.Subsequently hospitalized under court order Tim withdrew from the New York theater scene.No more scripts from playwright Tim Tucker only a bewildering blog filled with rants about microwaves and human testing.Tim Tucker called himself a Targeted Individual or more to the point "called " himself a Targeted Individual before yesterday admitting online he made the entire story up , as did hundreds of so called TIs who claim (or claimed ) they were used as human Guinea Pigs for Direct Energy and Neuro weapon s testing and torture ! with these "so called " Advanced Technologies.
The truth behind "Targeted Individuals " is actually rather harder to believe than claims that certain agencies might in fact conduct chemical,biological and 'electronic harassment' on it's own people .According to Tim Tucker the so called Targeted Individuals Movement is the brainchild of he and sociologist/ marketer Brice Boncelli. Brice Boncelli runs a company called Low Main Terrain which specializes in "subversive hoaxes" and creates international art projects exploring media,politics,advertising" and the mechanisms of influences on the co conscious mind .According to Tim Tucker the elaborate Targeted Individuals hoax took a tragic turn when a woman suffering from a genuine thought disorder killed herself to protest 'synthesized insanity" as neuro weapon.

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