Saturday, May 7, 2016

the making of the derelict 2002

mandlers driving me mad
i don't often write about how damn odd it is

fuckin disembodied voices telling u daily
what's gonna happen to u ..

nasty nasty things..

not so disembodied

know why i don't write about it like that ? cuz they..the mandlers  want u to

they want secondary symptoms of schizophrenia too..all hebaphrenic stiltedness and word salad

every now and than u give the mandlers what they want
they leave you the fuk alone if u do your

Brown Circus corduroy blow candlestick walking clock knapsack
every now and than

when i used to paint teams used to bring me books with that bullshit in them ..and say YOU KNOW..ADDING WORDS TO THE ART ..might help this shit sell


anything for a ' buck ...being i was fuckin homeless as a homeland war vet at the time
of course i said
chinny chin chin all over the canvas

know why also?
cuz you go writing chinny chin chin and comcast cares comcast cares comcast cars all over a painting than u don't feel obliged to paint well
to try
after all thes eart dealer done bend over backward to sell u as the town freakshow

how did i know ..what would happen next ?

that FEAR OF FLAGS 12 inches by 18 inches poster paint and primer on card board  and abugraib saturday night  housepaint and ink on canvas 25x 38 inches meant POW POW POW little punk
now you the sicko artist in the piece with the word JUDEN SLOG on a sine round thee neck head and cortex .

.you went along with it..

why u go along with playing crazy man?
it was a test idiot..

every mutherfuckin thing in my life been a test of WHAT WOULD YOU DO?"
will Dumbo smoke the crack..
will Dumbo be smitten by the cutest guy in town
will Dumbo sell all his art for peeeeeeeeniuts
will Dumbo be too afraid to move CUZ DAS VOICES and stay put put put put

will DUMBO write the story about YouTube

yes yes yes he will yes yes yes he will EVERYTIME he will..
just like we thought

just like u thought/ DUDE you played monarch monkey man allover my BF skinny skin skin
since i twass a b-b-b-b-baybe

and THEN! made a point of explaining to ME OOOOOOH BOY yes we did kid !
after luring me back to L.A. you sick sick sick FUCKS!


and there she is seemingly floating in mid air

it's aunt leeAnne who poppa always said was a sneakynarcissistic   kunt

show me more show me more you Mandlers..
i dig it i dig it ..

........i hope you'r enjoying yerself the mandlers say in that neuro lingusitc  pitchie pip squuuuuueak

as if anyone believes me
cept YOU WHO who gauge the entries ...and your little box oi university Bwain inquistive types

seriously Doctor Stanford UCLA with a doctorate in f-f-f-film studies
your wife know what ya do ..
your kid...
DO YOU?..or they convince you ya putz your doing this for Locked in syndrome you douchebag.

some macaque monkey with some michigan probe all in his noggin watchin some TV show in cage somewhere


the voices shit ain't enuf..

they want me yappin about how badly my life has been ripped to bits

how i often now just sit there...unable to think...unable to deal..unable to paint or draw..

wasnt that the damn point..?
build him up with some fake pseudo art career and boy if i could only explain in a way that didnt sound wackop how damn set up this Outsider Artist jive was..

so everyone can get a gist of 'the type" who deserves to be tortured


i was some game to these guys..

a sick sick game

how did i know it was all leading to synthetic telepathy

or whatever they call it..
OOOOOH they call it nothing ...type in the words and u come to a buch of shills web sites saying BOY OH BOY >>>I AM SO ANGRY AND SO DAFT>>>LET ME NOW TELL U AS C_C_CWAZY AS I CAN just how damn crazy i am


check out the covers of some of the books a Targetd Indivdual supposed to be lickin his dik about

OOOOH ..OOOh boy I iz represented

dude who wrote da book is  EX KGB CIA STASI and shit

u bet he is..
asked to write some dopey version of  what synthetic telepathy is
for the damn agency to give us targets some  carrot to follow down the rabbit hole

u tell me boss man
what EX CIA guy gonna write some book except one been paid to do so

i kinda know how a guy can be inspired to write  by Mandlers.

as u can see.

it isn't going well though
i lately just write against the mandling ..but in a way i am not supposed to..

it starts when u realize u aint writing to no one but fuckin mandlers.
gauging your every keystroke..
the entire internet is a joke..
people only believe TV news
and check that mind fuck out..


OOOOh dont worry mandlers i wrote bout what gonna happen to me in real u say
something bad bad bad ..
not maybe this year but soon enuf so people see what happens to bad guys ..not gonna be your shill
or some outsider loony tune going BOY I AM SO CRAZY ..I THINK MY TYPE SHOULD BE GASSED

(the mandlers keep sending me visual over lay of dogs they think i should buy..when the puppy is shown i feel my mood jump a few notches up ..-they can do that with the interface ...but i realize if i did the head's up display will be a dead version of the puppy if i do  not write it like how they want..
thing is also i don t think they might want me writing at allno more...

i know they dont want me drawing

at first it was like
and have someone stop us


if no one will believe u

and your like hmmmm OK
than !
it's like KILLYOURSELF so people KNOW the STORY might be true

and you're like WOAH!mandlers

i would ..i surely would IF YOU COOL THE NEWS BLACKOUT and let people know what u do

than i be jumping like pumpkin off somr bridge
i promise

otherwise no sir mandlers..
no no sir

ahhh but i do..sometimes...(no i haven't begun

and with these mandlers goin on and on how i am writing things  i know i can't

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