Monday, May 23, 2016

rabbits and scapegoats (1)

I tell Biff, " when gunpowder was first created 

 those in possession of the new toy that was a gun ..aware that the enemy did not know what a gun was ..or what  a gun could do... would shoot
a rabbit in front of "the enemy" before aiming the weapon at them .////////

the use of targeted individuals///////especially those who might seem "worthy" of such targeting were often created  and built up to be such rabbits ....

everyone knew Tim Tucker would write about his targeting or he would not have been targeted at all

fear first and foremost  in the narrative and the needed obfuscation of fact ..i.e metaphor .. the writing cannot not be casual but constant if the person writing of their psychotronic torture could not stand to be "alone" with their own thoughts ...important that the writer have a "signature" like voice .. prove the 'work' was not written 'for him'.. 

-The Dept of Interior Intent 2007

I explain to Biff that Tim Tucker ,who wrote the play 'Building 17" had a little help with the writing of the script
from the Word on High that is Voice to Skull

that very much wanted someone to write the story that would become the play 'Building 17"

so they'd have a fine  ready made example of "the type " of anti-Otherment Ruiner 'they" so very much want to make a spectacle of

Oh did you hear about Tim Tucker? the guy who wrote 'Building 17" a few years back?
never wrote another play  since..went off his nut I heard..talks now only ..microwave weapons ...hearing and seeing things...extreme low frequency weapons...Yeah you know the type...

he didn't have to write it though
although someone obviously assumed he would to be broadcast that particular story
what type of person would write such a thing?
a better man would have let "it" alone
not listened to "it"so keenly
a better man would have let the audio spotlight dim itself out

he could have walked himself to the nearest emergency room
but he didn't

-most do ya' know
they hear a voice ...they put on a coat  and go to a infirmary room
doc asks some questions-
guy answers-
no I didn't take any drug ...
maybe there was something in the new carpet I bought ..some chemical...Doc?

'Any undue stress at the workplace?' the doctor might ask ,"Stress at home?"

guy shakes his head doc writes a script'...saying "These things happen...the wonders ..the mysteries of the mind .."
and that's it ..
'come back if these pills don't work

And that's it Biff..
that's the beginning and end of it

But those who do the "Hello Earthling'
usually know damn well
and well in advance the type who is gonna say "They Chose Me ,me ,me ,me '

to commune with
the aliens
the Entities
fukkin The Men in Black  Slacks

what type of narcissistic ,arrogant piece of human ectoplasm feels out of billions of people in the God Damn world some fukin' sentinet being technological or supernatural gonna start telepathizing with them except a person who very much deserves to be part of human experiments huh Biff?

"You tell me Biff ..if you were a dude sending Voice to Skull data to some one's noggin and saw them acting like they be some chosen person ..thrilled to the damn gills your -specialness -done be recognized -finally ...what you gonna think of that guy...that he deserves Phase 2...of the testing "apps' to allow the dude to be Open Minded..
after all the dude was pretty damn open minded to the Voice to Skull..meaning of course he wants to be able to "talk back/think back' to whoever sent the silent sound ..most of these TIs if you ask me asked to be targeted.."

'Where do you get your information about this stuff Marcus ?" Biff asked

"Where do I get my what Biff?..I can't tell you .This is classified sh*t there a little bit of speculation in my trying to explain to you some of this" information "as you call it I am trying to share with you ..why of course there is ...but if you're going to sit here and challenge me the rest of the night ..and confront me like some kind of Ruiner might I guess I'll just leave with my information right now ..and we can let someone else take care of Tim Tucker ."

Biff apologizes and I tell Biff  to not believe for one second Tim Tucker didn't make something of a Deal with the Treble

of Silent Sound when he wrote what "The Voice "imparted that became his play "Building 17"

I tell Biff

"Maybe -at the time -he didn't know the "Voice' he heard was technological in origin
but he did know it wasn't exactly singing him no Star Bangled Banter.
-you see Biff
the way Mandlers see it
-even if the theme of "Building 17" was  sung by a burning bush- a decent person would know to leave it  alone not run with it ..not write it, there was no way Tim could have known the Voice to Skull was a behavioral test as part of some program  oooh they'd say anything to keep him coming back
and yes the imbue of the script was indeed meant to tantalize
but should certain topics be discussed
let alone fleshed out
especially if the topic can  be molded to sway another's very beliefs in things such as buildings
talk about mind manipulation
why would Tim Tucker want to sway another
with "Building 17"

Don't think  for one moment Tim Tucker was not duplicitous in his own targeting
and don't think for a moment Tim Tucker has any qualities in him that in any way
are heroic
if he did he would have sacrificed himself and done his part to warn others what might very well happen to others who run afoul and begin baiting  the Powers that Seeth with "Building 17' type discourse
He would have sacrificed himself  to save other depraved  persons from ending up like him

by describing in detail his experience being tortured with psychotronic and direct energy  weapons
instead of deciding to cowardly abandoning his mission as Targeted Individual as he was packaged to be nothing else
what type of monster is Tim Tucker for  beginning to  say no such targeting  was taking place
that no such weapons existed
it was
'all in his head'

on September 12th right here instead of talking 'wave-erly " about the microwaves ripping his mind and body to shreds
instead of writing about the biological weapons that bypassed his blood brain barrier as to allow his mind to read and written upon as real
Is rael went out the window

the loathsome rogue
now  dismissing
the actuality 
of his targeting with even more verve than he had once  put into trying to actualize it in print

in just 3 or 4 days

he managed to now a  cast shadow of doubt that his targeting was anything more than

years and years of work 
his teams put into him to read as
Ivan Dinisovich / Uncle Tom's
Cabin in the Woods 
down the drain


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