Tuesday, May 17, 2016

project blue brain -The book of Biff 5

"The correct use of visual image in a 8th floor Social Media post ,"Linda N. said " is just ,if not more important than what we type in posts as to diminish the credibility of either Targeted Individual or "Truthers ".On a subconscious level certain memes at a glance make one discount the validity of another's claims.
Linda N. held up a photo of bright blue brain with zeros and ones atop of it and all sorts of lights that presumably were meant to indicate transmission of some kind .
Linda N. asked 'When you see this picture what is your immediate reaction ? Do you take a person seriously who might post this image ? These are what we call loaded images .Images that all but scream Twilight Zone to a reader ..I want your posts therefore teaming with such imagery "
Linda next discussed the importance of black backrounds for our blogs and EXCLAMATION marks .She told us paid to play fake TIs to take a glance at many sites written by shills against vaccines and GMOs only to make the topics seem homespun by hysterics .
Linda N. said ,'An awful lot of money and time went into making those pages look so cheap and amateurish .Notice as well the advertisement-weight loss miracle aids cures for balding -that are maneuvered to lurk on these sites to further manipulate the page as suspect , tacky and inconsequential .
Grabbing a JPEG of a glowing,"transmitting " brain I post as TI Night Fly whom I claim is an ex- *** agent on the Targeted Individuals Take Heed 's 8th Floor social media page
'I am still stuck in Morocco ...Semper Fi code name X Custard of Signals Saigon 7 Division
is directing Voice to Skull as thick as fog at me for the last 3 days ..of course the point of this is to keep me entranced but don't think this has stopped me from my mission to share tradecraft fellow TIs!
last night in spite of the V2K I fought off 3 Ninjas and a one armed concierge
trying to steal still classified documents about a satellite being released over South America to incite insects to turn again man
and in just one or two postings like this I am secure in knowing whomever might press the link to view the posts of genuine TIs will by association dismiss the entitreity of the page
sometimes I wonder why The 8th Floor needs me at all to discredit the TIs as the Targeted Individuals do it so well themselves
as if completely unaware of the point of gas lighting
as to GET THEM to share the most outrageous aspects of their circumstances as to make them seem delusional.
ixnay of the black helicopters i want to tell DenverDanTI
(even if it's true ..are you really sharing evidence? or
telling someone - The Gas Light flicked on and off '
YES in the play and the movie the Gaslight was turned up and down by someone
so the damn target would tell people about it
as to sound batshit crazy )
strange as it might seem believing someone was "app-ed" with biotech
to allow brain computer interface research
was not that difficult for the public to believe according to a 8th Floor Social Media 2006 poll
(65 % according to the survey said 'I wouldn't put it past them"...exactly what THEM those polled were referring to is I suppose anybody 's guess..but only 23 % would believe someone had hid a miniature microphone in someone's home)
We had learned in our training that
anything that happens in a TV show or film such as poisoning, miniature cameras ,drugging ,stalking is perceived
by the public as
-something that only happens in a TV show'

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