Sunday, December 22, 2013

sweet Nothings and Anonymous benafactors


Brain-Computer-Interface Enables Coma Patients To Communicate With The Outside World And More Exact Diagnoses

Tue 22 Jun 2010 - A great deal of experience is required to give a definitive diagnosis of the state of consciousness of a coma patient, particularly since difficult ethical questions are linked to the classification. Innovative technologies such as the brain-computer-interface may now allow better diagnosis in coma patients of whether consciousness is still existent and how pronounced it is, and for the first time also enable communication with those affected," says Prof. Gustave Moonen (Lüttich, Belgium), speaking New developments in the field of "brain-computer-interface" (BCI) offer important advances here. Numerous research groups around the world are working on further developing this innovation. An important project funded by the EU goes by the name of "Decoder".



NeuroVigil iBrain mind-reading tech is big business

By Claire Connelly

iBrain device to monitor brain activity.

AN anonymous benefactor has poured money into a company that promises to revolutionise the way scientists monitor brain activity. A device called iBrain is one of the creations of San Diego neurotechnology firm NeuroVigil, founded by Dr Philip Low, who holds appointments at both MIT and Stanford University.It's a flexible cap designed to monitor patients.."The technology is superb for it allows one to see signals which could only be detected with electrodes implanted in the brain, or at the very least on the surface of the brain," he said.NeuroVigil announced  3 years ago  that it had attracted first-found in the "tens of millions" and value the company at roughly $US250 million, according to Fast Company.The investment was led by an "American industrialist and technology visionary" who chose to remain anonymous.


A Penny for your Thoughts?
by E.C G****

Several Mind Augment "start ups"  better "pay up" is the word around the Simi Valley as four such companies specializing in Mind Modulation and Synthetic Telepathy are involved in a building class action law suit by "subjects" who were paid nothing or next to nothing  for their efforts as   "the work " being done was "so secret and so important to national security " that no price should ever be put on their participation...Yet it was discovered that 3 out of the four companies now implicated had  or sought no contracts with any government agency whatsoever .In the private sector these companies,these companies that literally specialize in Mind Reading and Mind Augmentation Equipment   cannot "do certain things" legally unless a bid is already acquired which in some cases extents special warrant that gives such a company writ approval to insert or embed any sort of processing device into a human body.."{name with-held upon request} explains," Mind Modulation experiments with implantable bio sensors(nano chips) that lodge themselves in the temporal lobe obviously makes a read or "Impart" easier to do and these sensos are for obvious reasons more perceptive than headsets . Laws have been broken  that have not even been written yet concerning ethics and entitlement .These companies  "could not pay "their subjects , as either paying or  properly documenting their research  would also have acknowledge their  illegal acquisition of nano devices and the questionable subject of Human Experiemntation for profit.

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