Monday, December 23, 2013

Gary Rainy,founder of the The New Way and The Neuronautics Movement is not the first to have described meeting an Entity that could “co-opt’ or walk into* another’s “soul”..but Gary Rainy IS the first allegedly to have been told (by the Entity?) that in time (Rainy encountered “The Entity” in 1969 ) scientists would attempt and succeed in mimicking this true psychic phenomenon with Mind Augment and subsequently "Mind Control "Technologies that could overlap or completely overtake one's 5 senses specifically ventures in Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality..

What Rainy only refers to by name as “The Other”warned him that in less than 4 decades the microprocessor would be made small enough to enter a person’s “being” without the person knowledge and that some might use this mind bending machinery to either enslave another or "adjust " them to their will or wants.


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A walk-in is a new age concept of a person whose original soul has departed his or her body and has been replaced with a new soul, either temporarily or permanently.

...a belief system grew up around the walk-in.It included New Age attributes such as the concept of ascending into higher frequencies of evolution, a variety of psi powers, traditional "predictions regarding Earth Changes" first cited in the Bible (Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation) but popularized by Edgar Cayce, and predictions of dire fates for those whose vibrational levels remain un-raised. The New Age walk-in belief system now includes a number of variant experiences such as channeling,telepathiccontact with extraterrestrial intelligences, or soul merging, where the original soul is said to remain present, coexisting or integrating with the new one.

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