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1991 A Start Up in Riverside County

Peter and Gordon Morton started their own computer  company in 1989
  for as  Gordon Morton said,"we brothers are   too "eccentric"    
  for what Gordon called the " pseudo eccentric milieu "of the Silicon Valley

 Wearing a Hawaiian shirt to work Wednesdays
 &"Brainstorm" rooms
          filled with bean bag chairs, pinball machines and dart boards
 might have appeared "Far Out"
                and atypical
 But The Chain of Command    was as typical as could be -both biotech companies that previously had the extraordinary chance to work with The Brothers Morton

Companies who want to create Open Loop Brain Computer Interface should not use a  Closed Loop  means of research.
PGM wanted to work with Humans not monkeys...but also did not want to be under an entirely new 'chain of command" by seeking bids from agencies that allowed such -studies..

the brothers Peter and Gorden felt stuck in a firm focused on
 about Trend guessing and Predicting Consumer "needs"
 never mind that
 essentially all of the companies have essentially been making the same computer and phone over and over  and over again
 for the last 2 or so decades
 similarly the pharmaceutical  companies createD 50 shades of Prozac over and over and over again...knowing Ketamine
was the real antidepressant
but Big Pharma wanted to try Ketamine ONLY as signal
which meant to receive the signal one would HAVE to buy "apps"

 Peter and Gordon's " start up"was not about Trending
  but about  next phase of Human Computing
 or what some called Brain Computer Interface

 "no box,no screen,no mouse
and eventually (hopefully)no  visible  bulky headset," Peter ,the vainer of the two brother's would say "I have enough issues with my hair as is. .Need I mess up my visage with unsightly  Telepresence Equipment.i should hope not" 
these so called 'avante garde" companies
 both Peter and Gordon agreed
 as cutting edge
 as the edge of a butter knife...
 as they found "The Brothers "ideas
  frivolous and fanciful and childish all at once
 The Silicon Valley did not ask them to stay
 nor did THEY offer them capital
 or so much as a "good luck" cake upon their departure

the mixing of biology and computing might not have Been the Next Big Thing
as there was a certain "yuck" factor to the thought
of having "chips'  for instance
inside one's body and brain

 "no matter,said Gordon Morton,"
 the 'chip" or  moreso the nano particle is an inevitability
 "perhaps", Gordon would often philosophize especially when stoned or keyed up on coke or ketamine (which helped him think in zeros and ones)"beyond  an inevitability .But perhaps a  necessity to keep mankind alive...or at least,he joked ,Some
 of us alive. the bio-chip, " he yelled to nobody in particular., "will not only  change the world of communications forever
but the species called "man..!"

 Gordon ,who had graduated with all the necessary diplomas was not satisfied with either the limitations of "current man"
 nor the limitations of academic or private sector limitations based.
"the laws of man AT THIS TIME".,he would say
 NOT the LAWS of The New Man,the Superman
of tomorrow!"
 "a bio chip could read and translate thought worked upon under regulatory scrutiny are you mad.Why I may as well not work ON IT at all" Gordon would scream ,sometimes pounding his fist while screaming

 "a bio chip,a bio particle. that could and would  transmit emotion
 and 5 sense perspectives of the world one sees and hears  AND the world one  SAW  and FELT within one's mind's eye that could be transmitted directly to another's mind I am speaking about damn it.And YOU speak to me of ethics and Human Experimentation you Provincial Luddite!"
 Proxy Cyber Systems
 was and would remain off the map..
 People would "come to them"
 and offer them money
 not the other way around...
 for the work they were doing was not quite legal.

 and to cover that small problem Peter and Gordon 's first investment at the "lab' (an old warehouse that previously made latches)was to fill the place with monkeys,orangutans ..and all matter of mice...
 and rats..
 at any given time there were no more than 30 people working
 for Peter and Gordon at a time

 they worked in small teams
 but there was none of that "teamwork" philosophy "hip hip hooray"that seemed to be the cornerstone of many computer companies in Northern and Southern California.
 a Team Mind potpourri of every "Guru" social scientist "visionary pioneer" of the late 60's and 70's

 Prior to one's being hired
 these companies
 had to see if their attitudes matched their cerebral abilities
 as team Work was Primarily
 not keeping ideas to one's self

 Peter and Gordon sometimes joked that "the Love Bomb" theatrics of people falling backward into each other's arms was more  teaching one to "let go" of one's patents to the Greater Good ..than about the bullshit of Collective Thought and Payback karma dished out by  the mandatory 3 day "empowerment " seminars of Phillip Bodain ,famous for writing the book "That Little Voice In Your Head Is Right" .Some say he garnered most of his ideas from his days as a practicing Neuronaut but Phillip Bodain claims although he took a few Neuronautics classes in the early 70's  but found the ideology both "limited" and to be honest 'just plain loony" Phillip Bodain explained tha most of his philosophy concerning group Dynamics were based upon plain and simple common sense and behavioural Science.


    Gary Rainy did not agree that Bodain did not just "take a few courses"but "took the every thought ,concept and conclusion I had ever had.Gary Rainy told anyone that would listen that Bodain 's ideas didn't just 'come to him" as he was sitting under some apple tree where upon a lone apple struck him on the head giving him instant Karma...he took classes and decided to rewrite "Inway to the Enway" as if "The New Way" was his and his alone.He changed the name Neuronautics to Rally Inc.Personal Growth Seminars,after contorting every touchstone  of  Personal Evolution into Bodain's Bourgeoisie Business is Betterment Bullshit.Lawsuit after lawsuit against Bodain and Rally Inc went nowhere but many think Gary Rainy incited his members to "make Bodain pay" for "his theft of intellectual Property" well outside the law.
   Phillip Bodain who previously balked at the myth of Neuronautic's vigilante justice doled out by "The Goon Squad" within the "Org" itself soon wondered if the rumours of "Gang Stalking" and Intimidation by Constructed Harassment were true."Strange Coincidences " began happening to Phillip Bodain...
 The public shooting "Bandits"in broad daylight that cost him his right thumb.
 The attack on his yacht by Pirates, literally dressed "as Pirates" according to Bodain that overtook his entire family and threw them one by one overboard .Left to drown ,says Bodain,if not for the help of the crew and passengers of a LGBT Cruise ship that luckily blew off course.

 One coincidence too many occurred when
 after giving a lecture  on "Stridency" to a local chapter of the Bakersfield B'nai B"rith
  a Baby Grand Piano somehow "fell" out of it's moving strap from a 14 story building missing Bodain by only 3 feet.

 Phillip finally became convinced that indeed Rainy had put some type of "hit" on him and subsequently moved out of the United States.

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