Monday, December 23, 2013

Evan 91"

Evan had a problem with The New Way of procuring funds
and in a rare moment of potential "Ruiner-like" confrontation he dared enter his Father's sanctum sanctorum

His Father
not used to being disturbed in his study instinctively threw a glass paperweight at the 'intruder' at the door.

the paperweight barely missed his son's left ear before exploding into shards upon impact with the oak door.

"oh it's you,"Gary said,"have a seat"

Evan rainy sat across from his father at his desk
suddenly Evan felt both younger and dumber than he did only minutes before.
Evan wondered if his father made him feel this way telepathically.
Evan wondered if his Father's "inway to the neural Enway" was making him squirm and stutter his concerns about prostitution and recently some dabbling in pornography to supplement The Neuronautic Movement.

Evan mentioned something about "a moral code"
and it was the first time Evan heard his Father laugh in perhaps a decade...

"A moral Code Evan?OUR ONLY CODE
OUR ONLY AIM is BEYOND some man made Ethics dictated by some Motherment of Ruiners and some fucking  televised mini series event to teach us "how to be"
.Our only code is spreading the word of Neuronautics Betterment and unmasking The Ruiners of the world who EMIT ENROT into the Collective Mind of ALL MANKIND and you worry about a bit of cocksucking in cars or on videotape?Are you really MY son to be so minimal of thought,Evan"

Evan ,without knowing why bowed his head

"chin up Evan.let me tell you something...
something nobody else but a few know..
Let me explain why we need all the capital we can get right now.Something The Great Entity explained to me years ago...."

and Gary Rainy spoke about "The Raindrops"

In his book ,"Life Beyond the Enway" Gary wrote of his Communion with a Celestial being
that could not only read his mind
but also enter his body
as if he were a mere puppet.

this celestial Entity
who Gary met with several times
in an entirely different realm than our own
could also if he or it so chose
completely over -ride his 5 senses

"this being ,this entity
could SEE through my eyes
HEAR through mt EARS
and send "Mind Movies"and Feelings the Entity thought I should experience in "my" now "our" consciousness." Gary wrote.

In the same book Gary explained that the Entity offered him a box ,which he opened filled to the brim with tiny
shiny "dots" that Gary from than on called "Raindrops"
And that these teeny tiny particles if
swallowed eaten or simply encountered by touch could cause either
a Terror
beyond most human's understanding.

The raindrops
The Dots

"What Ruiners call nanotechnology and  THEY must never ever, ever get their hands on it "


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