Friday, December 13, 2013



in  Quantitative functional MRI (fMRI) Encoding

The past decade has seen the advance of functional MRI (fMRI) methodologies useful for non-invasive study of brain activity. . However, MRI is fundamentally a low-sensitivity technique;  
Functional MRI yields large data sets.. These "brain movies" must then be analyzed to yield spatial and temporal summaries.And much of the reads acquired are about the reads themselves or as predicted reads about the tactile sensation of one's head being "entrapped" in a visible ,distracting hairnet or headset.. independent component analysis (s-ICA, or just ICA) seeks to express an fMRI data set  free of these "events"by going small and closer  to the source

 Bio components and  bio sensors  that attach themselves not to the epidermis but directly to a specific neuron was previously an impossibility...and required costly  precise  neuro surgery...not so with neural prosthetics (nano particles designed to function as "micro processors... And Suddenly !the specificity of a subject's mind is more tangible and more fluid the subject now unencumbered by the tactile distraction of either a headset or hairnet often can forget "he or she is being the studied "
 a subject now free from "a device that shows" as anticipated inordinately make the interfaces and the neural data more rich and natural

 ..what was once a "punishment" is now a "gift" only the Proxy (and the The Tele Operator)  know about " the chips"


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