Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Kurt said it was a very special privilege for a lessor  to be amongst my Bettors at The Ranch and that i must make myself as non- descript as possible during my visits
as being not even a Level 3 I could clog The Others "Enway" (neural intake and neural emmitance) with my baggage  and emotional Enrot (neural rot) that still clung to me from several lifetimes of positioning myself amongst so many Ruiners..
I had to wear a number two around my neck during my visits so others would know to stay far away from me as Enrot has a way of spreading itself around.infecting others.

but Kurt said The Bettors knew about debts
and some of them were in my position with owing more than they were putting in although they might want to pretend otherwise.

money meant everything and nothing at all to The New Way
while they didn't believe in
a system based on man made exchanges (money)
they had to nonetheless "play the game'
and fight the fight
with the system set in place by Ruiners
and that meant MONEY.and lots .of It according to Gary Rainy
"It's the only THING they understand...Money
it's the only thing that can show THEM that we mean Business
and that's Business!" he said in one of his lectures.
but ,"Just because WE have to get our hands dirty with coins and currency that by it's very nature has been fondled and handled by so many Ruiners
that it was in our best interest to ,"hand it over to people who were ore advanced and would not be re-contaminated by Imprints and Enrot  left by
Ruinatious fingers..who ONLY think MONEY MONEY MONEY

Kurt and Jessica explained  that money kept The New Way
in The Frontline...
that buying and developing  real estate for instance  showed detractors they weren't playing with no Johnny Hayseed here.
the physical plant of the annex centers had to be reinforced by buying up the buildings and some of the people in the building's goodwill..
Kurt explained that keeping up "The Rainy Ranch" where "the officers" and "administrators" kept up the state of Everyday Affairs and made sure The Words of GR were kept up to date  and  the videos and tapes of his lectures and books were processed and translated into many languages...so that even
third world or backward nations could eventually learn "How to be" and "how to progress on The TruGenic Scale" of Evolution.

At the Ranch  most of my Bettors ignored me.
Alot of them made a show of holding their noses if they saw me walk by

.as any Neuronaut below a Level 6 was said to stink of Ruinership

-did they not remember when they themselves were lower on the Trugenic scale of being? I could not help thinking as I dug and dug  the holes for both the Koi Pond and The Fountain
I tried not to take offense when i was asked to move my bed outside the dormitory
so i would not infect My Bettors in the bunk with EMMITANCES

 ."A bettor is a Bettor is a Bettor,"GR said,shrugging  and smiling,in one of the videos  I watched when I was a Level 1 Non Clonclusive,"ain't nothing a Lessor  could  do about it, accept try to glean a little HIGHER MINDNESS from mentorship

 Maybe that was it.
i was gleaning too much at the compound
I had never been around so many bettors in my life..Everyone was at the very least  a Level 5 CONCLUSIVE

.i was used to being amongst the Lessors  at the Annex in Hollywood

.I came away each Sunday from the ranch in the van that brought me there exhausted,covered with dirt
feeling envy,
self pity and more Ruinerous than ever.

and don't think My Mentors  didn't sense IT.
I was called TO RANKS immediately ,Kurt said people were saying
 i was sending ENROT into the air quite purposely and" made a face "
at Evan Rainy

I told Kurt I had never even seen anyone in the house .or a little boy named Evan

Kurt told me Evan was my age
and Evan reported to his father Gary Rainy that he had seen me  make a face at him from his third floor window.
"I was digging holes.I was gruntingI sure as hell wasn't staring at any windows."
Kurt said maybe that made it worse
that the "face I made" at Evan Rainy was in my UNCONSCIOUS NATURE

"are you against The Rainy Family? are you against The New Way? They asked
"I'm just tired.is all...and felt i was treated with little respect "

"Oh ..You went to the Rainy Ranch not to beautify the grounds but to be respected and bowed down to?'

'Of course not i said ,perhaps too harshly"

They said I was acting Very DISGRUNTLED CONCLUSIVE.And confirmed this scientifically by sticking my pinky into the Pinky Slot.A plastic and metal box with a hole in it large enough for someone's pinky finger  enter so that it made contact with  electronic bio sensors that measured one's  "pitch" and "key" inside themselves and thus put outside themselves into  the Harmonic Neural Vicinity.

My "mopi-ness" and "Overt Disgruntle-ism" cost me both financially and emotionally.

Kurt and Jessica said i had "SLIPPED"profoundly
the Pinky Ring Harmonic detector  they said almost went off the charts  gaging all my CONCLUSIVE NEGATIVE INTENTS
and perhaps i should stop my Level 3 classes

and "get back to basics" by taking a refresher Level 1 course

and a "redo"of my entire  Level Twos.

Kurt said I could not "waste EVERYBODY'S Time continuing with Level 3 until
my INVENTORY OF  INTENT was RE-audited and RE -cataloged

"someone must have let you slip by..." was the message.

And Now
 to pay for my half completed Level Threes
as well as  my Levels 1 and 2
i was asked to move to  The King's Cross Motel basement to  make beads and baskets


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