Sunday, September 21, 2014

the dream is someone else's
the dream is not though from a Mentor
nor a Tele-Presence

but it is "interfaced" somehow  directed .
to me
toward me

a child.
a child who does not have words for his fear.
I try to REACH
to REACH outside my mind ...
outside my body-
Like I HAD to
when THEY
did "things"to me

I try to tell the child ...itwillbeoversoonenough ..itwillbeoversoonenough
and that the things being done
but I know
I know
they might as well be

and I feel the child 's dream die
I feel the child die

words come to him
and hence to me'''in spirit words now
"I cannot live in a world .I will not Live in World
where Reality can be Augmented in this New Way...

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